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Is what is the goal I looked like he was yeah it looks like he twisted his war yeah the plane and then we have to review the runner you in any other way George you couldn't have gone any other way there was a great two thousand twelve but that was a good moment off the moment that was a really good was in two thousand twelve is a thirteen thirteen tie in and Maxwell found Bennie Fowler said Jennifer I remember right and or whatever it was we went down the south in Philadelphia so it was it was interesting we came into that game it wasn't it was a tough season permission state that you're enrolled in here but badges were having a great year in that wind snapped a twenty one game home winning streak wow yeah that was Sunday here's another thing that I think it might play into what could happen today two games prior to that windows two thousand twelve the bad you should rush for eight hundred four yards if you can imagine that that's a crazy number against Michigan state they ran for nineteen my point being is this we all know Jonathan Taylor is going to get his fair share that's right but if his fair share is what mortal people get we're in this thing that's right I agree whatever.

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