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Reality check with Jim Bohannon on the off beat some people are complaining that we're over reacting to these tough times and you know what they may be right they may be right we just don't know I don't know if we're over reacting the order date order the experts nobody knows we're in uncharted territory we've never faced this virus before with the use of does that make your vacation period and I reviewed systems of build up no protection so no matter what we do we'll never know if it was the right thing to do the only way we could do that is to do trial runs first start from right now with the current situation and then try shutting down the restaurants and bars in movie theaters and schools waiting a couple months and adding up the cost in dollars and lives then rewind history going back right now we're starting all over again by shutting down nothing I'm going a couple of months and then adding up the cost of dollars of lives and comparing the two unfortunately our time machine is in the shop there is no good path forward we're trying to pick the least objectionable path by erring on the side of caution and yes it's inconvenient and frustrating even maddening but even our totally disagreeable political parties are for the whole but mostly agreeing and certainly nobody has suggested that we all panic nobody has said anything remotely like that what we do know is that the countries which seem to have had the best response to the virus had limited person to person contact for the moment that seems to be the most prudent if painful path forward not so prudent is something I saw online somebody bragging about going from bar to bar and if they get corona viruses may get coronavirus frankly if that were the end of it and if they agree to call off to become road kill someplace I'd say fine but unfortunately they may come in contact with those of us who don't have a death wish we don't deserve that and we don't deserve them so you know what to do and if you forgotten the national association of broadcasters as a reminder wash your.

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