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Josh human recall john and ken kfi debra mark has ryan spree this is out of white house chief of staff president trump is tweeted that previous will be replaced by homeland security secretary john kelly trump also tweeted that he'd like to think tree this for his service prediced rather for his service and dedication to his country trump says they've accomplished a lot together and he is proud of this arizona republican senator john mccain has gotten some love from pro obamacare protesters mccain and two other republicans blocked deary any repeal of obama's health care law overnight by walking onto the senate floor and flashing the thumbs down sign before the vote minority leader chuck schumer said he agrees obamacare need some tweaking present law needs some changes we are the first to want maybe having learned our own lessons that it should be done in a bipartisan and sharing way the partial repeal failed forty nine to fifty one that means have one more republican had voted yes vice president pence could have broken the tie president trump says congress should have approved legislation to repeal the affordable care act after working on it for seven years but he says you can't have everything i said from the beginning let obamacare implode and then do it i turned out to be right let obamacare implode trump says healthcare will get done the news is brought to you by summit lending in realty police in corona have arrested a suspected robber after he showed up at the police station in a car suspected being used in the crime the seventy two year old man told cops there were more than two dozen dogs living in his house so he stays in the garage animal control officers found 35 dogs in the house in filthy conditions the man could also be charged with animal cruelty you see irvine has rescinded more than five hundred admission offers for the fall quarter the.

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