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I would tell you that it was it was not only a cord so i meeting i can say that governor ronnie is under active and serious consideration to service secretary state of united states i trump sources only ron is very much in the running for secretary est trump likes is looking like this fact running was making of which are like plan has been described hot head jalin reaction hopes of scary i don't know the general flint who's been tweeting but i had many encounters with him in his job as as one of the most intelligent intelligent officers that we've had michael on the promise is he's made to believe how america that he'll to stick with him and work with us even if it means breaking with the republicans we've always opposed expects you don't donald trump his fault about he is not going to cox largely figured it medicare and medicate and if he wants to work with was on those issues i used for while he's gonna that more him is going to be more swap creatures that ever before there are a lot of democrats are the twenty four democrats are up for election in two thousand eighteen to do they really want to start out has been or an anti trump or and i think that this will be a good for sasha there's too the past one of the base i don't think the base cares i like the way swanson see read made an policy and then there's the rest of the contest maragos solution right field lead going to be garrett come anyway i would say i say this even draws near but i'm always through that dead headed you're here deaf via the most returns the story of age any also these beef you do the wondering powell these of one of eight columnist for st journal feel schedule of the week dansby to be here breakdown where where the republican party is now led by donald trump's a person we had a chance to really streak since the it's you let results came in and at least dane to deal with that much on like many people in new york city so it's good to the victory right being thirty you detain that world speaks out again from the state.

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