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Because. I'm not getting any money from it. It means nothing to me if you listen to it. You have to pay for the past. And you'd be amazed at speaking honestly. When i was growing up. I used to spend on my pocket when your music and i go to record shop and be really excited. 'cause you invested like seven in this album and you go read the lyrics and because album a cost you money. Remember the human league's hysteria album. I listen to the bush. listen to it was rubbish. I was so disappointed in it. But i made myself like hits by listening than saying your coffee. Seven quit and this cap lesson to listen to it and less regional eric's and you start because it was an investment you bought and it was material you wanted to you. It meant something. It was any collection and nowadays kids can just get afraid or whether it be streaming music no intrinsic value anymore. It's all a no material value to to to the to the regime. I understand why things change the music. Business model hasn't changed with it so he's become really difficult for for autism particular neurotics joe now. I'm looking in the sense that i could probably release something now. I'm probably settled probably ten thousand albums. Maybe if i did it may be a domino. That's probably but maybe could've done wants me if you buy two but the talent don't do you. Don't you start about on. But the truth of the nippon start. The inquiry can make from spotty. Fine apple music tidal and those kinds of things is so limited that labels don't invest in artists and so he just changed the whole business model so cut long story short. I make a decision. But i wanted to just flog myself to death. Soren which do love all did. I want to get a proper job in inverted commas and the proper job went out and that's and that's why our matt. Yeah but you still doing music and you still cage still like to music. They'll do it. I've still got the eyebrows. Talk some of the highlights because this is. How young are you at the time. When this kind of booms. So i took too long to get started really i. I was frightened. I'm gonna be completely honest with that. Told you do this when you asked me to do it on some i always believe in so like candle rather than i'm going to give you a press version. I wanted to be a pop star from about twelve to the point where griffin mom nights mims roommates pretended that we were making music and we play people besides of like bands and site was. I went who ended up playing live in someone's house. We just mimed to these songs and every time anybody don instead i'm going to second isn't a big audio dynamite. Bayside we just go join the band. Anyway it's all went on a huge record collection which is still actually and i would choose the songs depending on who. I was too so so. We have this mighty following the goals on the estate. That i lived in. Who believe that. We these incredible singles but it was whoever always into that week. I i wasn't even consistence so what. We be big audio. John and mark the next week. It'd be like nitsa rab this like really hard industrial thing. Then two weeks later be say. Oh yeah i like to mix up abets anyway. We played it. We played in people's mind to these instruments. We got instruments that we need the drums. It may just call borders electric drunk and painted it white slow semons cat. It would have been easy to just buy one we could we were. We were buying things for wet from bay stock placed to build this fictitious. We remind me to stop at our member gets. I was thinking why. Why these believing this anyway. One of that dad's owned a nightclub. You can see where this he says. He's his daughter played. This song was just talking to go. My breathing by gary numan. An was the most overproduced. Incredible are bec- electric song. We clearly regarding human voice and they were supposedly coming from this thirteen year old kids anyway dot said you ought to play live at my club everybody else all the other ones other. Lots of ood moviegoing. All the games off and i was like going is it. Can we get away with that. But we we did and i was out of it. Because i suspect you'd have been found out in front of an audience. A real people who it would make. It would understand this. She music coming from proper popstars not liked six thirteen year. Old lives Thing is i. I got the picture sometimes. I i was dressed like somewhat proto. Duran gironde thing and it was just ridiculous not shuki my cheeks photographs but then of course fifteen years later is actually doing it for real but yeah so that the wailing of all the girls who were into it still mentioned facebook. Yeah oh jim but when when you boundaries co white noise and they still mention it and that's how ridiculous my life was even then you had a performative kind of nature from a very young age you wanted to the center of what makes you say that joseph make you sound like. I'm a lot of that. And now so so i was frightened doing it for real because i always thought if a tried and filed it would it would drew him a drainage and so i waited about i i was. I was doing stuff with cover bands and stuff toes about thirty. I'll check it so light. Line real career at was in recruitment for ten years since then one night the details of which will need to. I will need to solve pricey for this conversation. I decided i was going to train ride on and it was a song called access tonight. I it was so good that our room and moment five o'clock in the morning a wo- corrupt sat. I'll play this on the phone. And then she was like it was on. I said that's a it's me no way then. A guy like house. And i came up and said common lessons that he was delighted as you can imagine. I'm unemployed late anyway. Everyone's going..

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