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Companies or whatever was the steel companies and they didn't have that infrastructure companies and that was and then with the you know the airlines buying out other airlines is still happening. There's no longer any antitrust stuff happening. What happens is what's happening. you end up. There's wall street. I know exactly what's going on. Yeah so anyway. It's just a is this the kind of country that you want. That's what you got. Well let's Let's talk a little about rob schneider for second. Because i i feel like an but you can correct me if i'm wrong. You've you've made a a bit of a transition in your life. It's it's happened years ago but you want you. You became a. I don't know a citizen of the planet. I don't know what i mean. There's sounded a cornball sort of way. But i mean he started wearing natural fibers drinking tea instead of coffee and where you different at a certain point though was time. When you're slamming beers and dropping quayle alludes in you know banging underage checks and then you made a conscious decision to sort of become more like staying. Or i mean i don't mean they're bad way but i mean you. You're you're centered. You know what i mean. I know what happens. You're not you're not chris farley. Why I don't know if it was a it just came to a certain point like you know. If you're gonna talk about stuff you gotta live it. You know when you run. Snl was at a different lifestyle. You know i was just you know overweight and drugs drugs. I never liked drugs. You know. I mean i like. I couldn't smoke pot really just a very little bit and there was a very sober. Ish shows only a couple of guys doing drugs there and unfortunately one of the bad guys over there. Turn chris farley on the heroin. It's like cocaine was dangerous enough But i never was into that for me But i just got gets to the point where i think where the change in society happens in this may sound elitist but the cultural elite is what changes Societies mean has to be like the fact that matters like twelve to fourteen to about maybe eighteen million people starting to be healthy starting to be more conscious about stuff. And that's what the change is going to be. I mean it's a huge positive step when you can get You know organic milk in a fucking walmart. I mean that's seriously you can get that now. Why because the people are making that choice. And i think at the end of the day. It's like when you see people. I'll tell you what happened to me. I'll tell you exactly a now. Remember exactly when my dad died and he did everything every stupid medicine thing they told and every operation everything and how long ago was he's dead. spent eleven years now eleven years and he died of cancer whether he had cancer he had diabetes. He had blood pressure he had just enough things to keep going for a while but he was on literally like twelve different medications. That i knew of and like you know and so He was doing everything everything that any died anyway. So that's when. I realized something else isn't happening. And he was relatively young and his. Yeah he's in his mid sixties so so And i just thought that's a shame. And i gotta learn something else and so i just realized Well i just started. I met this. Great guy name Raymond francis beyond health international dot com. And he just told well. Here's what's happened. Here's why here's what here's what he's eating blah blah blah and this is your body will has the most powerful healthy thing you can do for yourself is your body you have it. You have just got to get out of your body's own way to heal and then it just kind of made me realize hey if i can just have some positive impact with the people that meet without being a chronic bore probably been on. Tonight's show then you could but i i. I'm going to take that risk now. Listen i like it. I'm interested in it. And i'm curious how it works. And and you know and there's a psychological component to it is but there's nothing more basic for a population. There's nothing more basic than clean water. Clean air access to To healthy foods and education and roads and some basic healthcare. All those things are being usurped and ruined by a very small group of people including the media. Airwaves it's owned by. I remember because when i started getting in the media and by the late eighties It was about Twenty six percent of all media was owned by eight companies and just twenty years. It's ninety eight percent owned by the same companies rent. So those are those companies that are not. The airwaves are not owned by the corporations owned by the public. You know right. And that gets us Ryan seacrest on five thousand channels asses kicked right now. Clear channel's wiped out. Well so now you were. You're in your father close. Yeah he was great guy he was the guy he wanted me to take over the family. Business my dad was. The only guy was a business he was like in the real estate. You kind of little loan business seconds. Trust he's a little guy and he's the only guy his family graduated high school. My grandfather couldn't read or write. You know so. He was an immigrant from austria and You know so anybody having a chance to go to. My mom found money in a cave in the philippines. She's filipino and she that she washed the money. And that's how the that the japanese buried and that so she was able to go to school. So when i didn't want when i dropped out of college she was like why the drop of college are you crazy. You know what. I money in your grandmother reynolds. She hated but my was always cool. Do what you want fifteen. I said you know. There's a comedy club in san francisco and On monday nights let anybody go up and My dad said let's go and that was it so he went with you. He went with me. Because i couldn't drive. You know. And i just you know he you know when you get up on stage you probably were starting when you're a teenager to you look like a. Oh yes it's uncomfortable. The audience doesn't want to see a kid on their their drinking. they're trying to get laid their shirking. Especially your dad added and then there are other customers and fifteen. Yeah and by the way you must have looked like you were nine and a half. So fifteen young rob schneider and dad go to a club in san francisco. Yeah hopefully not cobs will be plan weekend. Focused on now is the holy city zoo. Don't be able to placate out there. And it's basically open mic night. Mike you wait. And maybe one o'clock in the mornings when i went on and you're doing material don't you hate when you buy new picchi folder and it's torn and was like shut up. We're trying to smoke and get laid pretty much. You know pretty much. My favorite part of the comedian. Then i i went back a months later and then like maybe when i was sixteen i was able to drive. And then the guy on the club you listen to me let you on stage but as soon as you've done you've got to get a medical license because uk until you so. I said okay right so as soon as i before we go to leave the key you got a couple ass. He come back here by bus. He goes into the back with him. The guy sees me. What did i tell you what the hell grabbed me by the net by the literally by my neck and by the seat of my pants and threw me out of the club..

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