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I forgot everything he says, did you have this on like repeat why? Cuz it went on for phone over that was that was just a loop thousand seated 20 seconds of it. Yeah, yeah I mean I don't really remember what else he said, I just remembered that, right? Yeah. Like that's really that's what he should have done, right? He should have walked out, only did that and then left. Yeah, which would have made Johnson even more. Like what the fuck is going on? But man, I've been out of here a long time. Yeah. He just said, Roman Reigns is here and he'll speak when he wants. To, which is what Heyman says every week. Yeah, the tribal Chief does what he wants. And we'll see him. When he wants to see, you will give him head at the table. Yes, just like, I do not know which I'm going to go. Oh, excuse me, and then Roman was like, I don't watch Rock, yes, we know, plus USA bottom-left bulb, right? Yes, sorry. All right. Next to we have Finn Balor versus Sami Zayn. Yeah. Sammy hit the Blue Thunder bomb, but to Michael Cole, that's the mission noku drives, right? Good job there. Michael taka, michinoku. Yeah, yeah. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Who should be on commentary for sure. Saying that five times a night, right easily. I saw her leg was still pretty heavily trapped, so yeah. A million in a wheelchair. Yeah, he's out there taking bumps. Clearly taking bumps, maybe it's not even injured. Maybe not but yeah, Bali hits the coup de gras for the win job. Yeah, it was a good match, right balor's. That was just well we'll get to Ballard later the dollar. Yeah next up we have Kayla Braxton interviewing Baron Corbin backstage..

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