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I'm Hilary Howard. I'm Sean Anderson. We have Mike Jack itis is our producer just ahead. The White House says April's lackluster jobs report is proof the U. S economy is still recovering from the pandemic. Can Congress soon find room for compromise on the president's infrastructure plan on Capitol Hill? I'm Mitchell Miller Make Georgia Avenue C For for pedestrians. A request to Maryland State officials on Kate Ryan Wall Street finishes the week and high fashion Dow Up to 29, the NASDAQ Up 1 19 S and P Up. 31 4 31 President Biden has responded to the April jobs numbers. It shows 260. 6000 new hires, however, that fell far below Analystsexpectations. The U. S Chamber of Commerce, one of the nation's leading business group, says many employers are finding it hard to attract workers and that federally enhanced unemployment benefits are to blame. President Biden Call's that loose talk. There's still millions of people out there looking for work. Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen acknowledged the difficulties employers air facing, but she sounded other reasons. Workers were sitting on the sidelines, namely slow school re openings and continued fears of covert spread. I believe who will reach full employment next year. Stephen Portnoy CBS News the White House. Meantime, Bankrate economic analyst Mark Camera joined us last hour with his reaction to those numbers. This was a disappointing report today and it is raining on the recent good economic news parade. I think that we had very ambitious expectations for a million jobs at it, but it was uneven shutting down of the economy. It is a model that we did not have coming into this experience. And so it is to be expected that we will see the unexpected now, but I do think the recall Avery will remain in place, but there are plenty of challenges and getting people employed. That's bank rates. More camera. President Biden also used today's report to lobby for his ambitious infrastructure plan. That plan is about to enter a critical stretch with the return of Congress next week. Double D. T. O P S Mitchell Miller today on the hill. If we can get a bipartisan solution, it's always better. Virginia Democratic Senator Mark Warner, who has been in talks with Republicans, who have proposed a nearly $570 billion alternative to the president's plan. And which is in the trillions of dollars. Warner says he's willing to work with Republicans on their proposals, which focus on more traditional infrastructure areas like improving roads and bridges. But they've also got to be willing Come forward with how we pay for it. Warner suggests utilizing an infrastructure authority or bank to take advantage of record low interest rates to help pay for various initiatives. We would be almost derelict if we didn't include some component of this in the infrastructure plan on Capitol Hill, Mitchell Miller W T. O P News up next Fairfax County's new police chief on his plans for reform and the stakes from his past. I'm Meghan Cloherty, 4 34. Excuse me. How much is a big gulp? A 7 11. A big gulp drink is only 79 cents, with seven rewards, Even the new lemonade and energy drink flavors. Yep. 79. Cents. What about premium sparkling waters? Same price? What if I make Steffy flavor into one cup banned for life?.

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