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We're gonna try to get Petros on. If you can believe this. It's February of 2021. We called to get Petros on. I haven't heard a busy signal in 20 years. Right. Well, that's not true. Occasionally if I called tally, Rand the restaurant up the street here on olive They have. I think a single phone and occasionally if you call them, it's busy. Yeah. We were trying to call the restaurant last night to confirm our reservation. And it was busy. I'm not kidding you for a half an hour straight. Really? Couldn't believe it. Wow. We just wanted to make sure that we have that Valentine's Day Reservation. Where did Lee Majors take him? We went to the landing. Where is that? What's like village? Oh, that's right. Yeah, Yeah, that's beautiful. Up there. What you eat? I had vegan mushroom rally ravioli. Delicious. It was so good. I don't know how they make it. I don't care because it's so good. I mean, if there's meat in it, you know, but there I mean, I don't like a lot of the fake stuff. Fake butter. Fake this fake that faux turkey. Yeah, I don't do any of that. Did you have did? Did he give the maitre d a 20? You sat on the on the water? No, we actually didn't sit on the water. This time really was nice. I mean, we had We were right by a heat lamp, which I would prefer, but yeah, exactly. So he had the view of the water and my back was toward the water, but it was okay. That's cool. That's what should be. No, it actually shouldn't but I wanted to be by the heater. So the heater was over there, Okay. Sounds like you want it both. You know, he wanted to give you and the heat exactly. What's wrong with that? I give another couple years. All right. You're a little too banding. You know, that would make a third husband. I think that's a little Cray. Cray here. All right, Let's talk to Petros from Petros of Money. P. How are you? Hey, Hey, now hear from you. Hey, sorry for the last minute notice here, But you know, my wife records that bachelor, the program and I saw it was a lot of controversy and saying And she didn't really know what was going on and belly. L sort of knew was going on. But I know you watch every second of that You love the desperation of these women. Which I admire in you and you would know exactly what's going on. So what's what's what's what's the problem? Okay, well, the problem is not really with the actual body of the show, as it is right now is that is has already been recorded. But ah, contestant who is a favorite Rachel. Very attractive Girl of the South right from Georgia. Wow. She was photographed at one of those. I guess they have these antebellum themed Plantation themed sorority part by the way, Let me ask you a quick question. Do you think Rachel's mom is old enough to be sort of that vein hip? I don't have any original ideas of my own. So on, they might kid after our friend. Uh, Like she named her after. Like her. Her friend Rachel. No, Like the friends cast. Oh, from fresh just goes to show. How? Yeah, I I was not a fan of the show, so I I do have Elliot Gould phone number. Well, that's better than most of vans right? Most fans don't have them. He was Monica's father. From what I understand. Oh, that's right. Yes, I saw very few Those episodes by know that Rachel's a character I've been I could not tell you all six of the characters names Phoebe do it by Phoebe. Brady's famous smelly cat song, right? I went to school there, by the way. Thank you very much. Um, lovely lady. Yeah, She's very nice. Esso. Phoebe, Rachel. I gave you, Monica. Well, Courtney Cox's character. Monica Wright. Monica. Okay, all right, Now let me try to nail the three guys Gotta say that so often it just comes out so natural. Alright, let me see. I I, uh He, David. Ah, man. Oh, I care. Way off. I can't think of any of the guys name. Oh, wait one of the actor. Is Wimmer. Yeah, Okay, but I can't name of the other three guys, can you Dave Ross? Ross Ross. That's right. Ross. Joey. Joey, Okay? And then Chandler. All right, I would not even I couldn't come up with any of those. That was NBC show, though the Bachelor is on ABC, right, we're jumping networks, right? But the big thing to see is, you know, to go toe of the Warner Brothers tour and sit on the couch and go see, you know the Daily perk or the apartment Central Park. Yeah. I mean, if you want me to continue on this path I can. One of the amazing things about friends is that Rachel, the namesake of the girl from Georgia who went to the ball, she works at like a coffee shop that before mentioned Central Perk. And she has like what would probably be like $20,000, a month of apartment in New York City. Really? And well, you see the apartment and friends like that. That's not what an apartment in New York looks like. If you work in central perk me, I see right. Oh, I see. I thought you were going back to the Rachel from Bachelor. No. Oh, okay. All right. So you're on the Rachel from friends. Okay, Well, which Rachel, would you like? You're the one that brought up the friends, Right? Right. Look, mother, the mom, you alleged Rachel's mom just named her after Jennifer Aniston. That's right, because belly Oh, used to be a tour guide at Warner Brothers. And she likes it Funny. I just loved a roundabout way It had to be.

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