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Time to separate what is true from what is total, Bs on fact, or fiction Here's Adam the bull I welcome. Back Adam the bull with you on CBS sports radio factor fiction in a minute but the facts are that folk Gruden Jon Gruden at. Vogue Gruden, FAU x. underscore Gruden had. Had the tweet of the day just now he says the reports are. True man Khalil Mack been traded to the bears in exchange for an actual bear he. Will play defensive end for, us and we'll go. By the name Rupert raider nation please give Rupert a, warm welcome That's. Funny For more Hijinks. Here's Anthony my producer. Factor fiction both start with some baseball. Shall we so some, of that, you know, very well Ben zobrist the hunt for the NFL, batting title but believes that there are other statistics that are more meaningful than. Batting average, of course I'd like to finish higher than I ever have in that category is over. Said Thursday, but honestly I think that batting average is an. Outdated stat I think we need to get rid of it at, some point the other stats we have or more telling about how your offense of season that has been among the statistics overs believe should be weighed more heavily or batting average with runners in scoring position on base percentage and slugging percentage factor of. Fiction bowl batting average is an outdated stat It's it's three quarters. Of a fact I mean I. Still what it's still has value but it, is outdated yes that's a fact but put the. Ben zobrist, the saying that I love Ben zobrist love him but he saying it like nobody else is saying that everybody that, covers maybe, a lot of players aren't but. Most of the smart baseball people that are covering the game already. Saying that. Like when I look. At players now I don't really look. At batting average I, mean I, like I, didn't even I'm a cubs fan and I didn't, realize Benz over fourth in the National League in batting that's how little I. And I'm, a you know Anthony I'm a diehard fan but I didn't realize he's fourth batting because. I don't, really look at batting average very often I knew. He was doing well I knew he was having a good season, but I didn't know he's fourth in batting average but yeah I always look at PS like that to me is know which is for those who don't know his on base you know silver springs upon base and slugging they said slugging to write. That he's as logging or no Zobrist he mentioned, batting average with runners in scoring position on base percentage and yes looking percent yeah so on base percentage, plus slugging percentages Opie s that's really the stat I know on the cubs broadcasts. And a lot of broadcast they now, put the guy slash line there or. Maybe just, the I look at the opioid I think that's a better picture of how well a players doing that being said I. Still think batting averages a little value, it's not, like, wins like I can't, even believe I hate when people mentioned wins for a pitcher like I don't I completely don't. Ever look at wins I don't. Care pitcher wins are one hundred percent useless, stat if you judge pitchers based on wins you're. Clueless if, you vote if you vote for the Cy Young based on wins you are clueless should lose you vote so Marlins, park bull, may become a livelier place next. Season the attendance challenge franchise will invite fans to bring musical Instruments bells whistles and flags to a designated, section of Marlins park in twenty nineteen the move is. A way for Marlins fan to show pride in their native countries. Celebrate south, Florida's cultural, diversity. And get loud according to the team, website back your fiction the Marlins is latest plans will beef, up, attendance in twenty nineteen that's, a fact it will not significantly but yeah will I mean listen they're desperate right the team. Stinks jeeter who was never did anything wrong as a player as this point out. That anything right as an owner they're a. Mess they even when, they were good they didn't have a good fan base it's a lame lame, sports town especially. For baseball but I can't blame them. Because the the. The owners of that team such a terrible. Job they whenever they've had any success, they've never. Maintained it they've, always blown teams up so you gotta do whatever it, takes you got to be creative Oakland's. Been creative in ways and trying to get people. To the. Ballpark and now they have the team is playing well But will, significantly increase no but, yeah I think it will increase a little you know if you, look, at, if you watch like winter league baseball Venezuelan league Dominican league stuff. Like that that stuff's going on in the stands they're playing music take a party atmosphere and I think that's cool I do I think if I were. There for nine. Innings I'd probably eventually get annoyed by it but generally like watching. It on TV if I'm only watching, for a, couple. Of innings I, find it fun? I love the atmosphere in Latin America for baseball the players play with a lot of passion energy I think that's good for, the game I. Think the celebrating and all that, stuff is great for the game so. I'm in favor, yeah I think, it'll help a, little I don't know how much I don't, know if it's gonna be a noticeable difference but. It definitely won't hurt I don't, think moving over to. The NFL you had mentioned. This earlier Aaron Rodgers and the Packers. Agreeing on a four year. Extension that will make these star quarterback the highest paid player NFL history, and keep him under contract until he is forty Rogers has repeatedly expressed his desire to play both into his forties and finish his career, with the Packers fact, or fiction ride juries will finish his career in Green Bay Yeah I mean it's always possible that something happens to the end like with Peyton Manning like with Joe Montana Brett Farr we've, seen it, but, I would, think at this point with this extension that that Aaron Rodgers days to, the end the being Unless we have a situation where yeah he's, thirty eight and, they draft. Somebody late but I I would bet yes I'd say fact he's he stays, his whole career in Green Bay Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones they plan to fix football and involve shortening. The preseason schedule by two games but he wants an eighteen game. Regular season Jones believes the, preseason is more unsafe than, the regular season I can make the case that we have an uptick. In concussions in the preseason Jones says if you look. At it I would contend there would be less exposure factor fiction, in eighteen game regular season would be safer for the players that's fiction that's the stupidest thing I, ever heard Jerry Jones as. Usual is lost in the, soup he's a great businessman, but when it comes to football he's clueless that's why since Jimmy Johnson's. Influence let the Cowboys they've been a disaster and the. Most overrated franchise in all of sports Jerry Jones is. Cloud shell but that being said I selfishly liked the idea of eighteen. Regular season games because I want more regular. Season football and I hate the season but. It certainly doesn't make it safer, stupid thing I ever heard, in my life I? Don't know how you. Could possibly make that. Argument makes no sense and, I love, what he like Jerry. Jones we've, got to, fix football like? Football's broken it's, like when, when knuckleheads. Say let's make America great again what was American break America's pretty great place make. A great, again, what stupid thing to say fix football stupid thing to. Say I mean come on what are you gonna. Fix football listen era, little things you got to tweet, football's the. Most popular sport in America that was talking about I mean yeah there are things that can be tweaked along the way But It hardly needs. Fixing it still gets kills in the. Ratings, generally you, know it was due for a little bit of a, dip but come on, this those serious fixing that needs to happen with. Football that's. Crazy Tampa Bay Buccaneers general manager Jason light said he cannot, guarantee James Winston movie, the team starting quarterback wants a three game suspension. Is over Appearing on WFL ATV during. The team's preseason finale Thursday night light disclosed the team disclosed a team could consider benching Winston if his replacement at. Presses in his absence I don't think it's. Fair to. Say right now. That he's going to be. The guy light said back your fiction Winston will. Start week, four for. The bucks, of course he's. Gonna start. We four for the box what are they going to stick with Ryan Fitzpatrick I mean come on I mean, that's that's crazy I listen I guess you could. Always argue if there if they were somehow three and and For Ryan Patrick backup I got that right right Gone anywhere, yeah, okay If they were somehow three zero and. Fitz. Patrick was playing great I guess maybe we could come up with an. Argument. That.

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