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Major game changer for some flyers fans here at the Wells Fargo center I'm injured Roemer that's coming up right after traffic weather on this sponsored by Gary Barbera's on the Boulevard to the traffic center we go and Brian yeah we talked about you mention this Google expressway mark and we are seeing some delays now really heavy eastbound jammed up as you get the Conshohocken in slow around the curve that's just bull building volume at this point it seems that construction really not causing too much of a problem now a we are seeing a little bit of west out bound to lay around glad went a deathly getting better on the ramp getting off of Broad Street off opus Google aimed at ninety five it seems like the first wave of people heading down toward the stadium is over but there will be plenty of ways to call the Boulevard southbound pass copy of the outer Dr Tyson a water main break their northeast extension southbound watch for construction right before Lansdale they are taking out the right lane and Phoenixville gays and Bridge Street you have an accident there is you get into town near the colonial theater also heading down into Delaware we talked about this all morning long ninety five south bound at a crawl from cristiana down the bid travel house welcome center it's all due to a tractor trailer that went off the roadway the three right lanes are blocked Delaware River bridges are fine looking good in South Jersey and mass transit no major problems coach readers and drives were very now it's your turn birds today Barbera tomorrow borough barberry jeeps dodges and rams two twenty five down or two twenty five a month is Barbera the birds the best boy I guess drive like coach Peterson because the bird stars dried Barbera cars go birds in the K. one of your twenty four hour traffic center number the I. when this weather forecast going to be clouds breezy for this afternoon having up to forty three body.

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