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Seven square didn't have the gold master ida's had us an older f, seven build and try to make it work. So maybe the source code slip through the cracks at that does happen that does happen. I think that reengineering final fantasy eight probably wouldn't be worth it to them given the amount of money that they would get. But that's just the reason that they should remastered it. Phantom Oto eighty points out. The tales of Sperry tenth anniversary edition was announced for PS four and switch today. That's great news, very happy to hear that tales of spirit. Perhaps the best of the tales games. I think Brasilia's up there as well. Just a lovely little series. Great. I, if you're just into light humorous, fun, JR PG's and the speier's definitely the ticket and also has a a wolf that smokes. He's like smoking pipe. I don't know why we'll smoking instance say he's your buddy. Yeah, yeah, absolutely. Let's see. Ignatio I use my kick stand with me and my friends plan their college between classes. Oh, there you don't front of the table and play around at into? No, no, definitely played hard to hate the kick STAN. It's because it does enable multiple, doesn't able multi-player if you only have one switch and you want to squeeze in some quick games, I think I played. What was it tetris on a. A kick stand switch yard. When I write game when I was visiting the when I was listening to the mental hospital, I would take my switch with me sometimes during breaks up to the library and kick stand because planned Mario odyssey and I couldn't do half the moves in in in hand, held notes, there's a time. So if you can get to any s wireless controllers and you put your switch into the kick STAN, you can play Mario in a way that you've never played it before. Baseball, baseball, baseball's. And finally, kebab says, Hansel apps, Arna thing that was a week five. Hi, Kevin is correct. All right. Now, man, friends. Thank you for during this insanity yet. Again, thank you for carrying about what we do. You give us great jobs or do every day. Thank you very much for being here today. Thanks for having me. And once again that that their website you work for and run and operate, and all the rest of that is yet check us out at US gamer dot net. We got a lot of great content up recently and we had a world of warcraft or oral history, and also a Spiderman to aural history and also are features. Writer. Katie McCarthy did a really great retrospective on killer seven. We do a lot of retrospectives over at US g. and if you're into retro in our PG game games, I, I like to think that we give the those particular categories just a little bit of extra lov. So at a time when people are largely arguing that you can't get away with doing good video game writing on the internet and run a business managed to do it. Well, I disagree. I think that video game writing is actually. Than ever. I think that it's more diverse. It's more thoughtful people are really, that's. And that's just a Mark of the maturation of the the medium itself games have gotten smarter and therefore the writing around them has gotten smarter concur. Absolutely. This Tuesday tomorrow, y'all are stuck with me again and I'll be joined by ns Tina Anini, who will be making her kind of funny games, daily debut. I hope you enjoy the show tomorrow. Thank you for watching today. And until next time it's been pleasure to serve you. Thank you.

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