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Line back meanwhile for starters a wide receiver and quarterback which is what he played in college at Virginia Tech he was eventually drafted by the red skins who traded him to the chiefs two years ago he's also the youngest of four brothers who grew up in Maryland and played in the NFL San Francisco also handsome DMB connections offer the tackle Justin schools from Clifton graduated from Centerville high in Virginia backup quarterback CJ **** grandfather body is a hall of fame exec who helped make the red skins champions long ago jondo mean WTOP news now I know some of you don't care about the Superbowl but you probably do still enjoy the commercials right well here's a look at some that are coming out tomorrow this year's Superbowl ads include MC hammer afraid to touch is piano with cheetahs on his fingers wait okay choice this Sam Elliott's moving old town road for dear readers who he in the bed worst gives to and nobody tell me nothing and Jimmy Fallon and John Cena plugging Michelob ultra working out so it is going to have some products overall fox sold seventy seven national commercials at five point six million dollars per thirty second slot watch the ads on WTOP dot com Jason Frehley WTOP news source coming up next on WTOP seven forty three with them every day there is the moments that take our breath away from today's afternoon spent in sumptuous cashing in on the biggest payout king and thrilling shows that the Holland live moments like these last three.

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