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This week on truth and movies. It's another fine mess hardy in the affectionate comedy tributes down Ali I've never getting married again. And just going to find the woman, I don't like firehouse here nightly stars in the human bio bio-pic collapse. I believe when he based quoting impart on school days. Yes, I think I had something to contribute. Kind of film clip. Steve Coogan, the unlikely music mogul Tony Wilson in the Manchester music epic twenty four hour party people this -tendance the bigger history. So a twelve people last Sopa. Hospitals that kissing hold Archimedes on his own in the buff coming up and truth and movies, white lies podcast. Yes. Mike alita here in the host chair says in cross from David Jenkins. White lies. David and welcome back Simone, Hans film critic for the observer good morning. Well, we recording this in the morning of the BAFTA nominations being announced an annual early morning for the prestige film industry, even early morning with the American film industry. Do we have any big snubs big reactions to the bathroom? No so far. Well, the best film list is is quite weird. I'm thanking it's the favorite Greenberg. Black klansman stars. Rogue owners stars stars born which it seems odd missing from that thing. Not what's missing what shouldn't be. There is correct question. Why why is green book there? And what does it mean for the us IRS seems to be coming? The you know, one of the favorites in this conversation this year after Golden Globes over the weekend. Yeah. I suppose they, but I'm reminded of a tweet the friend of the poet Charline tweeted about this. And I still think it's funny. I only have one thing to say about the Oscars, and it's actually about the buffed does or caps. If a British film wins best film than by definition. It should also win best British foam. Exactly. So that way. No. But I guess the big snub is is Lynne Ramsay for you never really here, which is nominated for best bridge foam. But. I'm really sad that one of my favorite films have lost year. Leave no trace isn't on on in the mix scene for the film. Can you? Forgive me as well. It's got lots of notes for acting for Melissa McCarthy, enriched grant deserve it. I think, but I think Mario hell is direction is gray. And she's just not been in the conversation as much she should have been adapted screenplay as well as usual the performance categories screenplay. Kathy's seems to have some more interesting nominations. If street could talk about his screenplay nominated. They Regina king has been snubbed from supporting actress. We'll get onto today. But there's lots of people still love impersonations a as opposed to actually building a character from from scratch, but scratch made as they say in the food industry. I believe they certainly doing America. Yes. As you. I'm not even follow that one through. Willful through is this impersonations bit. Because pubescent film of a best actor stemming only including Steve Coogan playing STAN laurel of a what do you think of that? We'll see momentarily won't we any final comes in the Baptist. It's great since the spite of us is the best animated film and shoplifters is a pa- best foreign language film that might pigs. I'd probably say that Romer I'm big fan pleased to see that kind of dotted around everywhere. I will still be standing star is born and crossing my fingers fit. All if those people are standing for by me rep city. No, I'm not. And I'm actually, you know, not very happy about it being nominated for best British foam with Bryan singer listed in the brackets next to the nomination. It's not really a very good. Look notes. Notes, but let's chrome with what seems to be with Steve Coogan special festive. We have first new release the week. Just stan. Ali..

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