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Podcast. What do you think? Yeah, if you're my landlord and you're listening to this, I'm not, I'm not, I promise you 100% on the record not gonna sneak in a dog. It's not that Sarah Abbott, if you might sound like her, you know, the opinions might be the same. She might be working for ESPN, but it's not Sarah Abbott. That you know. Today, a lot of conversation the podcast about Shohei Ohtani. Alan Gonzalez wrote a great story earlier this week in which he talked with executives around the sport about the size of the contract that a ton is going to get. So we've got Sarah Lang's. We got Paul and bikinis. We have Alden Gonzalez. He's going to join us. And before we get started, guys, I want to I want a quick estimate from each of you. What is the number for ohtani in total value of the contracts area first? I'm going to go four 50. I know that's like egregious, but I think I'm going to go four 50. Taylor? I think the market's going to be hot. I think he's going to hit 600 million, I think, you know, 5 is probably the starting point for him, but I think it's going to get to 6. It's going to be wild. Wild wild west. I think we had to do some sort of a like a lottery. You know what I mean? Or some sort of a betting on the birth date of a baby. We should all like come up with a chart. Maybe have listeners, you know, and maybe have listeners chime in and we can fill out one of those big charts and what numbers are still available. Does that make sense? I love that. I'm jotting it down right now. I love that. Okay. Before we get to all that conversation, we'll just run through some of the transactions the last week, Tommy, fam agreed to a one year $6 million contract with the New York mets, the mets, adding extra depth on their everyday roster. It looks like fam is going to be kind of a fourth outfielder right handed DH type. The cubs signed first baseman Trey Mancini to a two year contract, this is someone who I think is going to help balance their lineup. Maybe serve as DH first base, share time with Eric Hosmer. Andrew McCutchen, returning to the pirates on a one year $5 million deal, that's pretty cool. The brewers signed former Marlins outfielder infielder Brian Anderson one years, 3.5 million. Chris haddock, who's coming back from Tommy John surgery, agreed to a 12.5 million three year contract, that gives paddock some guaranteed money, but it also, you know, locks him into the locks him into with the twins in terms of getting through his rehab and having an affordable contract as he goes forward. I reported last week that all triple-A parks are going to use an electronic strike zone in 2023. I'm going to ask Alvin about all that. Earlier this week, Billy Apple, the mets general manager met with reporters, the introduced a couple of assigning from this winter, and he was asked about the team losing out on Carlos Correa. I think we have a strong and deep lineup. I'm confident in our group's ability to score runs, but look, I think this goes without saying. And I think I've said it in the past relating to any one of the areas of the organization. You can always be better. The mets continuing to try to get better as they move forward. The Red Sox also have been very busy as we get down the stretch here, signing some players as well. Taylor, what else you got? Buster, NBA season is in full swing. We got a full slate of offerings over here at ESPN podcast that includes the CJ McCollum show, the VC show with Vince Carter. You've got the low post with Zach Lowe and the hoop collective with Brian windhorst. You can check all of those out wherever you're listening to this podcast right now. That

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