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The whole dan i think you're arguing list is success that truman and marshall and acts and the others cannon did it right at least at that moment in time they did um these these were in a real people uh larry they are are are heroes but the the you know they made mistakes uh they've made misjudgements uh but they were intelligent they had integrity um they understood the appeal around the world of of the american commitment to freedom to liberty democracy to free enterprise and they leverage that powerfully um uh larry i think that's so so important to realize that if the end of the cold war after the berlin wall fell d uh soviet alliances like uh the warsaw pact collapsed immediately nobody wanted to be part of it whereas our alliances and our institutions that we set up after world war to nato and the european union larry were offshoots of the marshall plan they were as strong as ever and that's testimony to the greatness of these people in the truman administration who created the marshall plan fair enough now you're worried that president donald trump is going to undermine this uh and create dis unity and um i don't know enough to say you're right or wrong i mean i follow it in ice i speak to imperial arkley and his his aides it will long dinner with general mcmaster by the by a brilliant cia but i wanna say this in i know some trump's rhetoric during the campaign was pretty rough regarding nato um you know the un you uh the eu yes and he was for brexit i was for brexit but he gave at dad what i'm saying is the speech in davos so i thought was a great speech one of the key the there were two key lives one is america is open for business we'll get one but to your point more he says look america first doesn't mean america a lull now i think he is incorporating you know your history of the marshall plan era by stressing that doesn't mean america alone at it from your writings it sounds like you don't really by that well no i i.

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