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The area. Yeah, kept America what? I saw a theory. But I really don't explain to get very well about the Marvel Universe and Captain America and Black widow and them having some type of relationship in a baby. No, not necessarily see if I talk about it. Those who haven't seen in game Uh, will be it. No one wants to see and game hasn't seen anything right Black widow, those black would have had a baby. This is all they talk about off Theo's marvel. Kevin and I are sitting like whatever. And then Jill and Brian are like a marvel World. The black widow has a baby Does she have? Like 300 babies? This is a spider spider, you know, And they always gotta run around on the floor, like instantly in. You're like in a panic mode. That wasn't part of the theory. I saw, sir, that if you flip her over to see that little mark on her belly Red hourglass Mark Black widow. Have you ever noticed that I have not in the adult comic? She does. Oh, God talked about those again. Brian mentioned today has some adult comics is such a marvel fan of like, What are you talking about? Zone. Some comics were, you know, did it? Uh And I'm like whatever that he starts going on. Not about like Falcon man. And what's name? Sam Wilson, Falcon Falcon and Bucky. The Winter soldier had to have their own movie coming out of so like that so serious, okay. Oh, it looks really good to me. It doesn't look that great and I like these movies. I really, really don't want that come across that No, I really do enjoy it. I just can't follow him as much as you guys do, And this guy just looks like he's a spacesuit on or somebody's kind of gets the wings. We look at me like I could do that. Well, well, not that, but I mean, anybody could put down the wings and fly around the other guys. It's got a big fist, he said, read and he was a super human who, said Wilson, the guy who you know it's Falcon. He was a Marine, You know? Great, great. You have great catching that one? Yeah, Fair enough. Fair enough. Yeah, it could be said of Amun and Iron Man, too. It's just a suit you have. Our man is a superpower brain, So he's got some talent there. You know, 20 Stark's brain is Come on. It's Tony Stark's brain, right? Yeah. Mm. And Ant man's got brilliant comedic timing. True. He's got a superpower. They're good point. Yeah. Oh, I'm just so thankful to have Brian to go with your go to with all my questions. He's the one that actually started me started getting me into watching these marvel films and I'm so happy he did because I love them. You got you into the adult comics. So that's next that Zach told me about Falcon Man and Big bird and something that happens in an adult comic and its feathers are everywhere. Falcon in the big bird. They called it. Yeah, And then you know what arrives, Bucky? So there's a lot of comics that you're really shouldn't I? I don't I don't want that. Where do you keep more than under your bed in the closet? Where you hiding from? The kids used to be under my bed when I was, uh, now the allegations you don't have many more something, but I don't really know where they are, You know, but If you ever go into a comic book store, there's a section notice now that there is a section for 18 and older. Wow, That's so strange to me. Was that like animals that were that is kind of their semana me in there. And then they said I got yet Don't fan fiction. I would think it be illegal. If Disney owns these characters, you know, draw them and sell them like that for fun, you narc. Right with a hand drawn by some guy in the back room or something like you could instantly get it. Did you imagine that? Like I'm just looking for a really good falcon and big bird? Can you draw something game, Ugo. Thanks for coming in. Let's see first half That's how we start the day. Valentine shares a few positive words. We all want to start the day and on the right foot, get up on the right side of the bed, and we all raise our cups high and toast today with that first sip. The early years. For Falcon Man became a bad he was Falcon boy. All right. Here's what I do Want to say today? And we mentioned this on the year before. I think. So many times in life. We struggled to forgive ourselves the mistakes of our past and they weigh down upon you. And if that's you today If you feel like the mistakes the past or weighing down upon you And you still have that guilt That just doesn't go away. You've got to let it go. I know that's probably easier said than done. Like the Falcon, you have to fly. So forgive yourself. We're taught to forgive others. We're taught how much that will allow you to grow. You have to forgive yourself as well. If you made a mistake in the past, great or small. It's done. It's over. You can't change it. You can become a better person. You can lead a better path in life. Whatever that mistake, Woz. Is God because it's gone. Gotta let that go. Let that guilt go. Don't beat yourself up. Mistakes happen. You will get past this. If it's the biggest think it will not define you. Do not allow it to define you. You are more than that mistake. You are more than that misstep that miscue the past. You're more than that. You know you are You know what you are inside. You are more than that. Forgive yourself. Raise a cup this morning, Countess up, Jill. 12. Hurry. Said the same thing. The Bucky Perfect timing. But you said perfect time when I said, I said the same thing that lucky Here's what's coming up in Hollywood headlines Cam Kardashian. It wants to put one rumor to.

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