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The cloud is a boon to the US economy, and it will grow even more. Once the government jumps on board that cloud. This is the finding of a new report from the internet association, and director of cloud policy and council Allah's ciphered says the public sector is modernizing its systems use of crowd as the thing. That's really going to be kicking off here in the next several years. And are the result we see a really positive outlook. Quite economy. And the report says the cloud economy accounts for more than two million jobs, adding two hundred and fourteen billion dollars to the US economy. No one will be teaching courses at southern Vermont college next semester. The school is shutting down at the end of this semester. This is a third for Mont college to close this spring this year and the problems all trace back to money. Even though in this case applications are actually up by ten percent Green Mountain college, and the college of Saint Joseph also soon to be gone and in Massachusetts Newberry college mount Ida in we lock our done labor, unrest at what a Maine's biggest shipyards. But it's not about the company union. Members of bath. Iron works are asking international union. Authorities to oversee local leadership the Bangor daily news reporting. The members of local SX are concerned about the rules being followed. This move comes ahead of plan leadership elections. Contract negotiations. No comment from the current local president or executive board members it's five twenty seven. And that's New England business on WBZ. Authorized is this a term? We all know as most of us feel it every day. This is Dan Rae. We call it where interior joints. It's the looseness and pain that I felt in my ankle before receiving a closer prolotherapy injections from Boston prolotherapy. You might feel the effects of osteoarthritis in your knees, hips, shoulders or back. I can tell you firsthand. You don't have to live with that pain and weakness, his Dr Al Franchi. A Boston prolotherapy to explain unlike cortisone injections, which temporarily mask pain prolotherapy help stimulate your body to actually repair itself with just.

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