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But we also you can't close your eyes and forget the first half, no, because that's what he's going to do. He's going to throw interceptions. He's going to make mistakes and not not five years ten year over ten you. This is what he's done. So he's gonna. Come back down to earth, come crashing down. I believe he's a better backup. Then James says a backup. Coming up. That's why put James back in if the why receives outside continue to play the way that they are. I believe we'll see the same productivity out of James. This is what we expected from Tampa before the two thousand seventeen season. We had them they were in. They wanted to hot picks all one of those. They're going to be a playoff team. We expected offense to look exactly like it looks now because of James, not because of fifty. So it's been a combination of guys are playing good football. Dirk cutter has called some great games. They played against some very, very Saul defense. But for me, James Winston is my starting quarterback factor in the fact that James hasn't had any game time hasn't played hasn't practice at all. You don't need practice time as a quarterback because you can throw the ball, right. You don't need to work out. You don't need them to be run. He can throw the ball just as much as anyone else. So you don't need the team to be around. You need a few guys catchable. That's what James was doing. He was working out. So it's. Easy. He was an offense lineman. He would be playing if he was running back. He would be planning. He's a quarterback. He would be playing the reason why? Because you can practice your skill on his shoulders, not hurt his shoulders, not sore, his shoulders, not rusty. The office hasn't changed. Curtis had the same thing. He's been calling. James has been an offense longer than Fitzpatrick to end to seize point that listen fits will give games away since Fitzpatrick came in legal five, only ally manning has more three interception games, which is crazy because tragic hadn't been a full time starter over that period of time. I mean, he's he's played happy. Everyone else on the list played around two hundred two hundred fifty games fits. He's played one hundred twenty two and fifteen of those one hundred twenty two games he's thrown at least three picks. So that means about twelve percent of the time. He's going to give the game away as happened last night despite all that I'd give him one more week. I'd give him one more week this coming week. They're actually Kogyo, and I think then you have the by week, I think puts Jamison a better. Position for success as well, and you see being keep going. All right. Let's take a break coming up. Should the jets steel bell? That's next. Pursing spurts place. Amana route. Number one, overall, pick Baker Mayfield officially the Browns, starting quarterback. The switch on the depth chart has led to some speculation on whether or not the Browns should trait tyrod Taylor see you winter out on the Browns trading tyrod out. Anytime you guys have a starter, then someone else comes in. It seems like everyone on this show. People produced the show. They wanna trade guy like stop the roster route is a good mentor to Baker. Baker being successful will tyrod being there will help his success how I'm also out because unless you're tricking him to San Francisco, where even would tyrod go where he wouldn't just be a backup there. So there's a team right now that pining didn't San Francisco, have a bigger stronger faster version abetter quarterback than tyrod. Yeah, but he doesn't fit their system. So they're bringing in Tom savage and still, I don't think they're going to be trained. So for all those reasons, and because I have heard so much this year from Patrick Mahomes about what having Alex Smith there with him, his rookie season helped him with, no, I leave leave tyrod where he is in Cleveland. Moving on sticking with rookie quarterback's last week, Josh Rosen took over for Sam. Bradford in the fourth quarter, against a tough bears. Defense is head coach. Steve Wilks announced that Rosen will be the starter in week four against Seattle. Neko you interrupt on air zone is decision to start Rosen, and they had no choice accompany points touchdown in the NFL with the extra point. Seven. All right. There averaging six point seven again, that means, I mean, listen, you have to do something..

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