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Peel dome block frankly i live a head any sort of starting to i found myself after a confidence events in singapore with with the sales training room for the first time my career i've been i've been i've been a traitor and had this fantastic back food with sales treatise it will we will use this and we will i will use this but finding myself in front of the phone we've no clients and trying to figure all right well how do i i mean my thought process was very simple how do i add value well how do i not be time up to people and i i was fortunate enough to to know a lot of guys on the buy side from from my trading days because they wanted to talk the traitor and find out what was going on and so a whole bunch of people that i knew and said look four or five questions have you got onto them and what i found was remarkable i was asking people how many morning rundowns they used to get on their bloomberg terminals and how many often at wrapups i used to get angry bloomberg messed us a day and it was extraordinary everyone was getting up was thirty morning rundowns from different brokers in the same number of evening rops and i said you know how many of these do you read and pretty much university everybody said we i read one i read the same guy every day and i have a backup guy in casey's often it wasn't the same guy every time but everyone picking they won favorite piece that gave him the information they needed and i'm sitting thinking wow you know there's a bunch of people here wasting so much of their time putting this stuff together if you'll know one of the three or four guys that most people read this is just a massive time suck the you and also for the people the ascending and so i wanted to come up with something that people would want to read and if they did take on to read it would actually inform them and give them perhaps a different states it so i just started.

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