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It's it's fantastic. And i'm with you. I can't draw a straight line so you won't have mad an artist you know i. It's it wouldn't be fair to the artistic community. If i were in our with anybody. I i don't know i think we're close here only you. You can take a couple of more minutes if you like. Okay couple of extra minutes right now. You got it. Wow all right. Hey embarrassment of riches. So i gotta ask you what you have anything. That's on the table right now outside of this particular That we are asking. I mean yeah. There's always louis thing that. I wish i could talk about that. You know as well as i do then terrified of nda's and breaking them But i haven't been really excited. You know over the past year. I've been able to Really exciting work from my home studio some of which is already out there eden which is An original animate her netflix Gesture at least a couple of weeks ago a week ago. I'm opposite neil. Patrick harris and working with You know there's also david tenets that and there's an incredible array performances my friend. Jt carly actors wonderful But it's it's a really lovely and heartfelt thought provoking Enemies theories just four episodes on that flex And then i've been playing samantha. Maxes or the call of duty here. He's from over ten years Mostly as a little girl. But most recent iteration of call of duty cold war as samantha. Anthrax is now an adult. So i've been able to Just wild experience of growing up a character that they'd knows oh well And that's been really wonderful And there are certainly other always other things on the horizon. And i was. I must go in the most ricans volume of love death and robots some some really cool experiences and Since i just continue feel grateful. I kind of joking believe i found my way into this particular sandbox. Well thanks to. Hbo mex and their dc channel. I'm actually able to revisit. Some of your animated work in the dc universe in particular reason in particular recently silver banshee. I was just watching it the other day. Oh that's so. Great love mac. There was another great movie. Yeah really great experience. West voice director along. Halloween was also director. Of course you had to pay And that certainly had A different vibe from this project but also is wonderful. It's a right and And really fun experience over band cheese. You know quite different from gildo about voiceover play a variety of characters. Yeah absolutely well. It's been great to talk to you. Julie congratulations on this. And it's it's such a plum part for any actor. But i'm i'm glad you're doing it and i really thank you. That really means a lot. Thank you for batman the long halloween wherever you get your digital content streaming downloadable or dvd. This is tony tomato. Thanks for his bad man. And you're listening to sifi talk..

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