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You know, yesterday Uhm Bradley, I believe that you one s so now you have 266 points like a pretty unlucky number. I mean, if it was 6 66. I'm just saying we're not there yet. For you. It's unlucky, okay? Whatever Colleen has 229 points, you know what it's doing. OK, it's a nice person to laugh at. That is nothing to laugh at and let me tell you we've been playing this game for quite some time. While it's been a hot second, and we're going to continue today, because today we're gonna be talking about a guy who you think is the subject of all of our blind items, But he's not Time bombings. That's right. So I've got five trailers from some classic Tom Hanks. Major motion pictures You have to I die. Identify the picture. That is in the trailer. What show? Is this? Okay? Yeah. All right. So here's our first Tom Hanks movie. Tell me the name off the following Like to leave you all a little prick telling Oh, I don't know She doesn't have any clue. That is, um Miracle on the Hudson. I don't know what it's called. That's not that, though. No, you want more for Yes, I need more. Thank you. Your Lord Mayor feet be swift. There better be mighty Mayor of balls. A lot of Bradley Bradley Field are No, that's um That is a movie called I have this other movie in my head and I need to get out of my head of dreams in your head. I do have field trip field of dreams out of your head. A guess. Bradley, please. Yes, The guests for you is a little movie, five seconds called. There's no crying in baseball game in the movie, you know. For the league of their own. Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah, that one. Die just like to thank you for that waitress in South Bend. You know who she is? She kept calling your name. So there you go. Tell banks to in a league of their own. All right, Here's our second Tom Hanks Classic movie trailer. Listen carefully and tell me the name. Of this movie. 20th.

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