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And just when you think you can gonna guess sort it's guiding at the utah and even reading the script so i kind of i think an audible gasps a couple of times as i tend to the last of the episode so you know i think the signs are just gonna love love the the bill throughout the season but i'm definitely not intensity where a lot of fun to shoot i let out a novel gas at the end of episode one i wasn't i wasn't very happy with you at the end of episode one so i mean i know having said that i go showed a thing well you know you make up for it an episode to have that just about right just about just about now you're playing a character that's based off the actual british royal family is there anything from that lifestyle that you'd like to bring into your everyday life well no i'm pretty happy didn't didn't it up it up but it'd be difficult i think i think the pressure the being part of the family the monarchy of england is is she and i take my hat so the you know a royal family and the way that they kind of portray themselves in the public eye and managed to really the pressures on the must be immense comes and they said no for me i i live slightly more out of the public items than those guys but i guess you know having palaces and and being the use of a private jet and be so bad.

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