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Our producer Erica Strauss. Ski run Saturday mornings from 7 to 8, A.m. central time talking about collectibles and sports. Vincey last night. I did a channel check. The Cubs have the bases loaded. Bryant and Rizzo are two of the guys on base. My guy also on my my fantasy catcher. Contrariness is up. I'm thinking if he hits a grand here, it's going to be like a slot machine. Lighten up for my faith, and he actually got a hit. My cubs have that Ben get me many fantasy points, but they had a pretty good night last night. So no doubt about it. Both Sox and the Cubs are in first place right now. Looks like they'll both make it looks like the both be in the playoffs. So that is a very good thing. I said it's serious would be pretty close. Don't you think? Yeah, the only problem if nobody can go to and how weird with that B. I guess there'll be more business for bars and stuff. I mean, they'd be able to do something with that. Have the games on at those places, I guess. And, yeah, they'll come up with something creative that all enjoy it. Yeah, something to look forward to. Maybe and then about football starts is here. I'm not in a any fantasy football this year for the first time in years. It's a weird feeling than that. Make a mistake in the first round of an NFL draft for the first time in here said in some nice stuff to Huggins in Scott and Got a couple things back that got listed Bill in just yesterday. One I sent in for a guy. Ah, Bird Magic Rookie. 1980 81 tops that 88 grade. That's one of the cards. It's really been hot this year. There's a 2000 minimum bid on that. I remember when AIDS used to sell for like a grand. Now, the minimum bids to grand could could do Much better than that. Well, that's a hot card. Oh, you have quite a few of those basketball rookie the bird Magic Jordan. Even though you're serving the offender, all those cards from seventies and eighties really? It's just taken off ridiculously in the lab. Oh, Year to two years for some reason, a lot of new lot of new bidders and a lot of guys like celebrities talking about investing some of their money and the cards and I think there's a lot of people are going along with it. I also sent in On 86 Fleer basketball set and we got the Jordan rookie grated that got innate in your rate eights on that one similar type thing way higher than they were a couple of years ago. So that will be interesting to see what what those do. I got to call it Triple Crown in Naperville yesterday from a lady. Who said she had Ah Michael Jordan Wilson. Stamped, signed basketball in the original box. So it wasn't really saying you could be a picture of those only sell for like 2030 bucks. I guess spreading came in need. Write to me. That would be something to hang on to I mean, why not Anything like that with Jordan? I guess he never really signed much of the Wilson basketballs as faras. I know. I don't know. I wonder if he could never get him to sign it. That would become a really It would be if if if she could do that, That would be very good without a doubt. So So the bidding? I don't forget. Now, the bidding starts October 2nd. There's bound to be Tom. Actually, Tom, we have modified the date October. It's going to start October night to the 22nd. Okay? Yeah, We've just got to be just overwhelmed with stuff to right up and it it's not really going to affect much at all. Because our next stop is not it. February. We always checked with the printers and the Designers of the catalogue, and they're OK. Moving back. Leo allow us to get a lot more. Really good stuff in themselves. They're just flowing with stuff that people want to get into the Ark two. I bet you have agreed Yeah, we're trying to get great stuff back. We want to just try and get as much of a plan into our left one of the year here. Okay. Well, that's good to know. Actually. Yeah. Plenty of time for people to know, too. That's still a month away. So It's bad that spent a longer break with because a covert you didn't do that August? Yeah, we didn't do in August 1. So you're right. Yeah, Going to be a lot of good stuff in this When I take it, it looks like they're already Oh, yeah. Good stuff. Should be interesting. One of the things we're talking about Jackie Robinson, there's a Jackie and Rachel Robinson. You'll signed album page in a frame display with a $250 minimum bed. That's a neat one. Rachel Robinson always seemed like a classy person to me so that there would be to me getting the two of them together on one You don't see that a lot. That would be a cool item to get And then their course, were lots of good things. Now, Bill you're going to do Which ended higher this week. Because Nancy Huggins can't make it on the shell. Correct. Well, I guess I gotta pinch hit. You know, You know what? I made sure. Events and Eric that it's not gonna be easy for Bill because these are lower priced items that are all grouped really closely together. And I'm sure Bill doesn't know what everything once I think. Sorry, Bill, but I think this is gonna be tough. It's Kirsten's gonna retire everybody, but it's not gonna be easy for you like you're going to be like. Oh, yeah, I know that one went for X the acne. What? I sit here with Nancy and I would be with Eric get far where I would be on the test. Be right down and I'd point which one I think is right. And I think I've got one or two. Right. Let's backhanded compliment from the look that Eric Space it was like fighting. Words Look, actually The the which ended higher totals. Nancy's for Jen Drummond's for Eric's three in Vince's, too, So it's It's really Did you really did you really have to throw that in your hanging invents and like I say every week Oh, there's gonna be a good prize is gonna be a really good about what it is at some point before before which ended higher end. I hope nobody clinches early like we don't want somebody going on. After a five win in a row streak, and then it's you know, no but no chance, but it doesn't look like it's gonna be that way. At what time does Vince start tanking for a better picnic theme 3 to 5 Year plan where he wants to win like I would never take. I will never take place. That's right. That's coming up. 7 20 the witch This is going to be a tough one. Okay? What else do we have to talk about? Before that Some items that ended in the Let's see. These were in the May Huggins and scatter action. There was a Robert T. Jones. Who, of course, is Bobby Jones, the golfer signed index card. With an aide. Signature went for $1300 that that that was a pretty good price for them. Pretty high up there. Cap Anson 18, 87 and 28, Alan and Ginter Card. Justin sGC one. No. Now listen to some of these prices. One of these might appear in a future which ended higher. This one went for 1200..

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