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I'm here with MC John Jackson. Hello. How are you today? Oh, I'm feeling the usual way Johnson. Yes. John smith. What do you want to do with your wits? I want to lose some of it. Oh, are you feeling insecure about it? Yes, I'd like to reduce my carbs. Oh shit. Let's go on the yard, by the way, we live in prison. I'm going to lift these weights. Hey, I'm gonna eat these grapes, you get grapes in prison. Yeah. Hoodoo you know. I know. Joe pain, Joe Schwarz come over here. My name is Joe Schwarz Joe Schwarz. This is John Johnson. Hello, john. Johnson. And, you know, the jets v I of course, I you I'm Joe Schwartz. What's walk around the yard? This is our prison yard Strutton strut beaten, some grapes. Hey, get your hands off my grapes booth. Fate cliffhanger. All right. Yeah. I mean, it's, it's not a good show. No terrible show. Twice. Next time, I think twice about ever Steve. Leave the everybody. Zack. Give it for Jeff Davis. Comptroller, our mayor always. Dan? Hi. Thank y'all fast. We have to do we get to learn our characters again play this game. Veins. A podcast network..

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