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This is the bbc sales all complete range of programmes durtoux bbcworldservicecom forward slash podcast welcome to the latest global news compiled in the early hours of the morning on saturday the 17th the february i'm ginette jalil with selection of highlights from across bbc world service news today coming up the us special counsel investigating possible interference in the presidential election has brought charges against thirteen russian suspects indictment alleges that the russian conspirators want to promote discord in the united states and undermined public confidence in democracy south africa's new president vows to restore economic growth and fight corruption we will use this year to reinforce our commitments to ethic code behavior as well as ethic leadership of course in belgium oldest facebook to stop tracking people online without their consent and the priest car with ford reveal fifty minutes assuming that they're going to be pulled over and fine for a rare light not working and then to be told actually we think your splendid driver in his fifty euros why being pulled over by the police in france could turn out to be a pleasant surprise the first we begin with that major development in the united states 13 russians have been charged with interfering in the 2016 presidential election the fbi investigation also named three russian companies in the indictment at a news briefing that deputy attorney general rod rosenstein said there was no allegation that any american had been knowingly involved this indictment serves as a reminder that people were not always who they appear to be on the air.

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