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Eight dollars. More than a week to week of by a lot of dinners for that. Talk to flow tonight. So at the press week of the Detroit auto show, they reveal the winners of the twenty nineteen North American car utility, most of his call that SUV and truck of the year awards and were the winners were the Genesis g seventy the Hyundai Kona and Kona E V, and they ram fifteen hundred your impression, I think they got it. Right. I tell you weeks ago, the ram was going to be a shoe in for truck of the year the counter, we in fact, we've got reviews up the car pro USA dot com on all three of those vehicles. That are very recent g seventy was fantastic to counter was great the ram is unbelievably quiet inside and rods like Alexis. I mean, it's just it's a it's a blow your mind truck. Wow. Yeah. And that's pretty strong words from me. Let's talk to Al and Fort Worth Texas L. Welcome. Are you doing good? How what can I do for you? I have a g six I'm sorry. Two seven equinox. Win to bankruptcy and. Anyway, I have. Collection agency. Excuse me. Well, no they wanted me to pay off for one year. Forums. Three. Four years. Is that a good deal? Well, I think it is you're I'm sure the interest rate tie and the shorter term the less interest. You're gonna you're gonna be paying so. Yeah, I think why would they do that? Well, was the equinox included into bankruptcy. Yeah. It was. Yes. Okay. Well, they they're seeing an opportunity here to get their money as opposed to. You just blow them off which you can do. I don't think it's it will affect your ability to purchase cars in the future. And and so I don't think it's a good idea. It shows a lot of good faith for somebody to file bankruptcy, which I I mean, I totally understand known thousands of people who did it. But you know, they did it in a lot of times. They'll stiff the finance company has got their car, and nobody will touch him for seven years. So. The opposite is true. If you pay them the next loan that you apply for for a car. They're gonna look and say, let's Cavs in bankruptcy Betty pages car off. And that's the top thing that automotive lenders look for they don't care if you pay your mortgage. They don't care if you pay Sears. But if you pay your car, well, and you have a history of that they'll go with you. Okay. 'cause I didn't know whether it is traded in or just. I I would let sometimes what when was the bankruptcy discharged. Okay. I I'd give it another year. And and get good history there, make sure those payments around time and in the future, you ought to be just fine. So what I'm saying? Go ahead and pay the four seven four hundred. Title. Obviously don't agree to anything. You can't do if that four hundred is going to stretch you. Then I wouldn't. Yeah. Distress 'cause I'm also security. So it's a stretch. Well budget together if you could pull it off you'll be better off doing that. I promise you, and I've got some good dealers. That are really good in situations. Like, these when you get ready got car pro USA dot com under certified dealers and tech. Look sandy in San Antonio, Texas. Welcome. Sandy, are you there? Okay. That's okay. Let's pretend you back on hold on. We'll come back to her in a minute and talk to Dan in Abilene, Texas, Dan, welcome. Hey, how are you? So my question is on the upcoming twenty twenty Lincoln aviator. I guess it debuted at the Detroit the show. Yes. Just wondering year thoughts on that. What are the options comes with a it's a hybrid? But they're not advertising the mileage so just a little curious as to why. Well, it's real simple. Those things have to be certified by the EPA, and that can't be done as long as the government shutdown. So it is starting to stack up new vehicles that were due out already, but they can't because of the EPA certification, and until until this stalemate is concluded we won't see any new product deliveries now. Ator is it's on the same chassis drive trains and everything is the new explore the twenty twenty explorer that's coming out. So it's vastly different from years past with the explore. This explorer is rear wheel drive. They've been front wheel drive since two thousand eleven you can get all wheel drive two by the way, which probably a pretty good idea. But I I don't know if you're a newsletter subscriber or not, but we had a big article and this week's newsletter about the new twenty twenty explore with a lot of the details. No pricing. No fuel economy yet. That will be forthcoming as soon as the government thing is settled. Looks great though. Okay. Well, listen. Thank you. You're more than welcome. Yeah. The new aviator looks really good. And I just had the Nautilus. And it was amazing. I just thought it was fantastic. I really did. Let's talk to Charles in Los Angeles. Charles, welcome. Oh, thanks so much. I got kind of an interesting question. I had a Mercedes Steele six hundred a couple of years ago. I loved it. I sold it. And I'm looking at an S L six hundred twelve Burgess anywhere from an old force and. What's the active body control with the sales six hundred had to rebuild it? So was bit costly. But it was a fun car. This would not be a daily driver. What do you think of my is.

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