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Joe Flacco, Atlanta Hawks, Vinny Testaverde discussed on Chuck and Kelly


When it to be honest and trying to play hard go out there like the most. So. Yeah. So they're bringing them along. Slowly, you brought up a very good point that he had hand surgery the summer. Yeah. So they didn't get the benefit a lot of summer league game. Right. So as his fellow rookies took part of the summer league in about eight games. I think he missed because of his hand surgery. So he's a little bit behind but kept up in the Atlanta Hawks, they're rebuilding. So he should get a fair amount of playing time this year. I'm sure he'll do great. We were surprised to find out that Dottie Pepper legendary area golfer was not already in the New York state Golf Association hall of fame. I know so yes, he's being inducted. We're like, well, why is she not already in there is this misprint? Yeah. So they're inducting her on November second, and we're like she's not in there who's in there ahead of her. But she is going to be inducted. And so it's at Brookhaven golf course Puerto corners in on November second, and you can go online to get tickets, but certainly deserving honor one other thing flacco and testaverde's this is crazy. Yeah. So the quarterback for you. Albany is Vincent Tessa Verney not to be confused with his father, Vinny Testaverde. He's been playing there for the last couple of years and Joe flacco 's younger brother, Tom plays for Townsend and the two teams will face off this weekend at the university at Albany. So they're thing is not flacco versus Tessa, Verdy, whatever that's how that's what it's gonna look like. So they're both the quarterbacks varying themes NFL pedigree. That's pretty cool town this weekend. So I guess Tom Lycos doing pretty well thousands five and one and it'll be cool. And I guess the testaverde's come to many of the Albany games. You know next to us on this last game last weekend last weekend home game, and they're not like, they don't expect special treatment. They don't sit in the bottom discerning dang athletic director that his mother and grandmother were seated next to us, but they don't really blend in with everyone else. I mean this. Very nice. And stuff on very nicely at big rock on our hand. I'm like this lady. And then I didn't realize who she was until she started going. So that Saturday three thirty you Albany, tousands shocking. Kelly eight forty. Three one.

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Joe Flacco, Atlanta Hawks, Vinny Testaverde discussed on Chuck and Kelly

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