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Jamie what I love or what I want. This is your a chance go to Jamie. Ivy Dot com slash survey. That's Jamie Ivy dot com slash survey so when you complete the survey we have an awesome gift for you so I told you add something for you. If you would give me your survey results I'm going to give you everything that are. Patriot community gets during the month of September for one dollar. Normally you can be a patron for nine dollars and we're going to give it to you for one dollar you guys. I love our community on patriotic and if you're not familiar with what patriarch is phil feel free to go check it out at Jamie. Dot Com slash patriae on basically. I'll give you the rundown the little elevator pitch for it. It is a subscription membership site which means when you join join our patriotic page you get extra happy hour episodes every single month and we have created some phenomenal episodes in this past year that you're gonNA WANNA get so so we wanted to make this possible where you can try it out so when you compete our survey you're going to get join Patriot for one dollar for the month of September this way. You're going to get to see the fund that we have over there. It's going to give you a little test run to the Party and I have a suspicion that once you join the party you're not. GonNa leave so it's so much fun so but maybe you're already a Patriot member or maybe you just think it's not that big of a deal to get extra shows. I still have something for you and for everyone that completes the survey because we really want all all of your feedback. Maybe you're on a Daveramsey budget and you cannot do the nine dollars I get it and I do not want you to but I want you to try it out for a month for a dollar and I also want to give you a gift that you can use and that is a coupon code for our store for free shipping. We have some great merchandise that is coming out in August brand new merchandise. It's never been sold before and I want you to have free shipping on that. So please know that we are always thinking of you. When we create our podcast and we want to know more from you go to the survey Jamie Ivy Dot Dot com slash survey. Please do me that favor and get your gift of a dollar for Patriarch plus free shipping..

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