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Warning does continue for Big Creek near Alfa Rhetta affecting Fulton and Forsyth counties, and we are under a flash flood watch for most of metro Atlanta. During the height of Monday storms Jamaar Richie was making a delivery when strong winds flipped his tractor trailer over in South Atlanta. I saw the Ground with a bunch of wind going The Nestle my truck completely. This capsized turned over and slammed into the other truck and storms have already caused widespread damage from Mississippi to West Virginia. The severe weather threat today includes not just portions of Georgia, but Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama. Download the WSB radio happened. Be sure to enable the notifications and alert so for your area so that you get the watches and warnings as they are issued right now. On Peachtree Street. We have 71 degrees with cloudy skies. Top local news every 30 minutes, and when it breaks 95.5 WSB depend on it. Right. This is nuisance. Atlanta's morning news. A stick up in the parking lot of a Northwest Atlanta deli leaves a Brinks security workers shot in the arm. Police say a Brinks security team stopped to get something to eat, and a gunman tried to steal their armored truck. One of the brink's employees was returning to the truck after picking up food at the deli off Marietta Boulevard. When he saw a suspect pointed a gun at the driver in the parking lot. He opened fire. The suspect fired back hitting the Brinks worker in the arm. Two men in a black sedan took off police searching for them. Now an elevated section of the Mexico City metro collapsed. It's in a subway car plunging toward a busy boulevard. It's been dangling there since late yesterday. At least 23 people killed, 70 more are injured. Responded. Diane King Hall, telling us this morning where you can get same day covert vaccine appointment's three major drug store chains are now offering same day covert 19 vaccine appointments. Walgreens.

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