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3 2021 A special panel discussion exclusively on Newstalk 11 30 W I S m Start 11 30 w. I said indeed, this is laboring through 2021 on the radio station, our intrepid panel addressing all of the this current topical issues that come to mind and it's got a great deal of coverage. In the recent past. Um I want to talk a little bit about the Walker Shaw School board and David Me throw this one that you just start anyway. The workshop school board Cave done a decision to go back to pre pandemic standards on which students economically qualify for free meals. The news media, especially the national news media, most specifically the Washington Post, grossly mischaracterized this decision. You know, the lefty Internet goon squad, then posted threats against board members. In some cases, they tried to ruin the livelihoods of these members. So last week, the Walker Shaw School board reversed its unanimous nine Nothing decision and voted 54 to keep taking the federal subsidy that gives free meals for everybody. Even if your parents make three quarters of a million dollars a year, so I want to ask you which one is worse. The tactics that the left is used in order to get this accomplished to intimidate board members or the fact that it worked. Detectives worked. Yes And yes. Which one's worse. The fact that it worked, I guess because this was very transparent. This was as cut and dry the cases it gets. Look, the walk to school board unanimously, like you said, voted to go back to pre pandemic levels. There was no cut. Everyone who wanted a meal and Walker Shaw was still going to get a meal that wouldn't have changed. They just wanted to stop the incessant spending because it wasn't needed. The fact that they want apoplectic and did threatened harm showed up in some of these school board members driveways again. This isn't their full time job. These are private business owners. These are mom's. These are dads and threaten them over. Nothing. And that's an exaggeration. Nothing nothing would have changed was more about not so much getting them to to bow down to them, but also to send a message to other school boards that look you take one iota of a conservative idea. You cut spending. You go after CRT. We're going to come after you. And that's exactly what happened. And that's exactly what's going to happen in the future. But, Greg, if you're a conservative, and you're gonna get to run and be elected to a school board, you've got to be ready to take this. I mean, if you don't want to take this heat, you might as well not right. And and and take the position that it scares me, too about this whole thing is how social media was just turned upside down, and I think you brought this up, Dave. Nobody saw the video of that of that school board meeting. So nobody saw her say that we're starving The Children. Nobody saw that, but they saw that they wanted to believe they wanted to believe that, so they kept just But let's put a hashtag. He's so spoiled comment was about the families that didn't need the subsidies that were getting the subsidies Matt real quickly. I thought on this Yeah, it wasn't just irresponsible journalism from the Washington Post on down. I mean, this is just really bad journalism, and they ought to be ashamed of themselves. If they had any shame they would, But I would point out to make one point on this. Did you find it interesting that the same leftist mob that says tax the rich tax the rich, Let's tax the rich. How they don't want to do that in this particular case, because that's really what this program is all about. That's what these board members who supported rescinding this federal measures are saying and saying we don't deliver. These subsidised meals to people who are well beyond the poverty level that are wealthy, quite frankly, and should be paying for their kids to eat a lunch. Yeah, and Ben, it's kind of bass ackwards in a lot of ways that used to be that lefties are the ones when rich people got subsidies. They were the ones that were holding about it Now they supported. Well, First of all, I don't know how many actual grown adults And Walkinshaw support the idea of putting everybody on the government. Dole what you have and again, this is 90% on Twitter. You have a bunch of teenagers and college kids who think that everything should be free. They just don't want to pay for anything. And the idea of saying somebody who lives in Walker Shaw, who can afford to pay their kids. Should pay for their kids that way. The kids who really need the help actually get the help, but But this is this is part of a broader problem that we've now had for. Going on two years. You have more people than ever going to school board meetings. You have The Washington Post writing about a school board meeting in Walkinshaw, Wisconsin. Remarkable and no one is talking about the fact that two thirds of kids in the state can't read or write or do math at grade level. No one's talking about what these kids are learning or more to the point aren't Learning. We're going round and round about threats over free school lunches and masks and vaccines. Schools. School boards used to be about making sure that the kids who graduate are prepared for the real world now, thanks to the progressives who tried to take over our school boards. It's a fight over. Whatever the policy that the A C l U or the Biden administration or the Twitter mob demands, and I made this point on the radio last week there used to be a sense of justice. When when, when the Twitter Bob came for Harvey Weinstein, there was justice in that perverted justice. But there was justice. No, no..

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