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That would be an issue but you know i think the the warriors don't practise extensively and they do mentally get a lot of stuff done in shootaround so but steve gives guys days off you know put than there's game day shootaround but not now people would be sweating on the court first of all why you why working up a sweat and shooter i we will you know some people naturally sweat like patrick ewing you would you don't know what patrick ewing is doing right now physically you've patrick ewing may be at rest but you know that patrick ewing even if he is doing something over the ethnic variety or patrick ewing is a true object at rest you know that patrick ewing is doing what right now bob's you sweating some people just wet bro yeah that said i am not one of those people pat pat ewing was was playing now mr mullin way it's so tim was saying that he was watching georgetown it's in st john's last night number here my god why would you do that allow you know chris mullah coach per se jones pat you and coach of george tan on like i'd rather watched him play right now blockage out and in st john's well they college basketball if you told me that pat and chris mullin we're gonna play some one on one i would to for that but if you telling me that their coaching college basketball teams respectively and that's on television and outward watched him play my kitchen the i like where they're like thick of the big eastern this i'm like yeah they come much the the sport is falling apart that this used to be interesting and must see tv and that was eva's high noon on saturday so say yes st john's in georgetown yes lord dick edwards rollover grave linked too soon also soon a r kamal may of need pathway yes at sungai soon all right then feel is good when we're accurate about yeah this our state of a prodemocracy has rolling over her grave i had it's a lot forty when that persons alive i had thought about that at slim lives let me retract uh mike if you could get the.

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