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Also, saying timberlake's part since he was wrapping up his man of the woods tour because he thinks he's too good for everything on Monday in present on my banking to share the stage. He really does like it's like he did the Super Bowl. I guess technically. Like he doesn't have to do a cameo for Arianna Guerande. Didn't he bring his band members to performance at the no because he's a selfish bitch? Oh, yeah. Okay. Yeah. I thought he might have. I totally like stage hor honestly, sharing the stage with anyone when you have a headlining spot like either at Coachella or Super Bowl. I guess the two big things it's really like so selfless. And most people don't do it. Because it's like, this is your moment to shine. And the fact that Arianna Grandes just so certain of herself in her own talent that she doesn't she's happy to bring out everyone. She brought out Nicki Minaj like so she didn't only just bring out like. Nineties cover bands. But like contemporaries, as well, I think she's didn't bring out. She didn't bring out just nobody. You know? Right. It's easy to shine. When you're surrounded by nobody's when you're surrounded by Chris Kirkpatrick. Right or like, AJ McLean. Whatever she soon about she the yet. Oh, now, what's the what's the Chris Kirkpatrick? Right. I mean, the one the one the one random and think, but she hasn't got honestly Justin meter p no not Bieber Timberlake, not showing up like just so much about him. I agree. And I'm sure he's gonna pretend like he was busy. But I'm sure in hindsight like he has foam. Oh, no prefer end he's on tour, but the towards like basically over and you didn't perform that Sunday night. And as you know, celebrities can get from one place to the other in a matter of minutes. He it now they have debt packs. He should've used his. Okay. So then she also brought out Diddy Nicki Menaj, and you see did you wash any of it? Clips. Yeah. Okay. Like like, did it work? The entire time. Yeah. Like really sad for her. And like, you know, she was pissed and clearly in her phone it's like literally like beating up, Arianna backstage, Jerry woman alive. She's like some sound guy. Lost his head had his life. Yeah. Yeah. So we have to talk about game of thrones. But that'll be after the best side. Also, it makes me feel better that even Arianna 'Grande in even Coachella has like technical issues. We're having technical issues on our show like audio is. And you know, it it happens. Even the most premiere of celebrities one thousand percent, it's like us in our little rinky-dink set. Like, we're no better. No worse than Coachella. Also in terms of game of thrones. Recaps can we be kept on Friday? Because like I'm still I think you'll be watched episode one more time because I'm also watching from the beginning. So now, I'm on season four, and I'm hoping to catch up on my flight home. And then like rewatch, you know, what I'm saying game. We'll we'll talk about it on Friday, but we'll touch because it's our it's our fifth story. Okay. Next step of swerving from Coachella, Tom. Tom wine and cocktails are coming Lee. Savannah. Lebron's husband Ken Todd filed a trademark for tom-tom bear wine and spirits on January twenty ninth per the United States patent and trademark office records obtained by page six it is unclear per employee turn business partners. Tump schwarzen- Sandoval will be involved in the newest sometime venture. But Sandoval who was recently lovingly fired on episode of Anna pump roles. Still bartends at harassment, sir on Tuesdays, it.

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