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Than later America is listening to fox news the time is now eight oh two good morning I'm mark Caesar the community spread of corona viruses now reached Hays county there are currently five confirmations of cove in nineteen and one of them is believed to have been spread from person to person locally within the Hays county limits for those infected patients traveled before falling ill but that fifth patient didn't travel anywhere nor does that person say there was any contact with anyone who is known to have the virus and so that has led officials to the conclusion that covert nineteen is spreading locally and in the haze school district officials say a person who is now confirmed positive for the virus was on one of its campuses last week while showing no symptoms Patrick Osborne newsradio guilty jail Williamson County restaurants and bars have been ordered to close until may eleventh to restaurants can offer takeout services police across central Texas are scaling back their responses to minor crimes including things like theft and vandalism some fear that will lead to a rise of more crime that's happening is Travis county is considering releasing jail inmates there are no cases of corona virus confirmed in a jail or prison in the state of Texas the corona virus has spread to the UT campus university officials say one student and their dean of undergrad studies Brett Iverson have been infected UT president Greg Penda's says it is unfortunate but he expects to see more cases crop up in the coming days bundas says Iverson has been in isolation since Friday he calls on the local community to do all they can to prevent further spread like social distancing and other precautions John Cooley newsradio kale BJ either Greg Abbott has waived regulations to allow restaurants to deliver alcohol along with food the move is only temporary while the virus outbreak continues the governor says as long as the purchase is accompanied by food in the business as a mixed beverage permit alcohol can be delivered through that take out service it's eight oh four it can Pierce Austin's on time traffic.

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