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Nineteen sixty nine was in college at Xavier University and I vaguely recall the Hong Kong flu that started in December of sixty eight percent of for about fourteen months in nineteen sixty nine the Hong Kong flu by the way this is part of your vanity whether it's Mars our weather's H. one N. one or the chicken or the swine or a polio the aids what whatever it is this is part of your vanity they have viruses come out us in nineteen sixty nine I won't go back to nineteen nineteen and nineteen sixty nine the Hong Kong flu according to the World Health center and also according to CDC killed one hundred thousand Americans at least one hundred thousand in nineteen sixty nine and that mostly over the age of sixty five and more than one million worldwide nineteen sixty nine now what happened there is a column from December the eleventh nineteen sixty eight New York times Hong Kong flu attacks thousands are swiftly the media covered that pandemic that killed a hundred thousand Americans as a health issue the stock market didn't crash fifty million Americans were unemployed Congress passed no legislation the federal reserve did nothing not a single governor acted to enforce social distancing you might recall what happened in the summer of nineteen sixty nine it was called Woodstock Woodstock New York there was no flattening of the curve there's no banning of crowds mothers weren't arrested servers when arrested no day cares are shut down and at that point but fifty one years ago one hundred thousand Americans died and it was still it is a medical issue not political but today completely different we have a media that invades our mind and our judgments with endless notifications there was a change in politics now that said the government must care for me there was a political element of the maid of the blue this wildly out of proportion in every death is critical every death is awful but you don't face national policy that trashes our economy perhaps causing a second Great Depression for the next ten years upon projections that have turned out to be false and I think what's behind IT nine I gotta take a break but in every newsroom in America you got like CNN CNBC fox and maybe fox business M. S. N. B. they're all up there so every time we in the news business look up we're being told buzzers notifications breaking news it's a catastrophe as charged by other endemics this is mild and it's containable but that doesn't sell what's happening is skyrocketing ratings making many in the media act as if this is the end of the world my source for this if you want to check it out Woodstock occurred in the middle of a pandemic and it was covered and at that point the population was two hundred million instead of three hundred thirty million so that often out of one hundred thousand is more like a hundred ninety thousand deaths and it was covered as a medical issue that had to be solved not as a club politically against trump so let's continue blind becomes available eight six six six four seven seven three three seven calls a Virginia Ohio Nevada South Carolina Illinois and California if one becomes available eight six six six four seven seven three three seven bill Cunningham with you every Sunday night.

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