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So the idea of you know if you're gonna have a salad with dinner, you know, my mom always said, eat everything together, you know, enjoy all the flavors, but really, it's it's probably a better idea. We eat your salad first, and then maybe take a little break. Yes, there is research too sick to support that, And there's also research to support Ah, cup of broth or broth based soup also helps fill you up. We've said this for decades. What's up until a few years ago, there was no research to support it. There is research to support that. Okay, so probably. I mean, if you're gonna have AH, little soup like a soup and salad before you get to your main entree. Probably not good. If it's a cream based soup, something like that, But like a little, you know the old fashioned restaurant, you sit down, you might have a cup of consummate or a little cup of of vegetable soup. Okay? All right, and then and take a little break before you have your entree. You'll probably eat Less of the entree or or that smaller portion then will seem satisfying to you. That's right. That's right. And, you know, a reminder that no meal is going to be the last supper. You know, there's gonna hopefully there's gonna be another meal. So don't worry about if you would have asked me that in the middle of 2020. I must just great. Yeah. That's certainly certainly by the autumn of 2020. I would have said you're nuts. Well, thank God that's behind you. Yes, That's right. There's nothing you can do about the past. So all you can work on is what's gonna happen today and tomorrow, right, right. Um Why he just had a fantastic question for you, and it's completely eluded me. I hate without him. I'm sure it's going to come back to me any time Now. It's some some new guidelines. You told me had just come out the 2020 dietary guidelines. Is that that plate that you're talking about or is that something else? The point if they're related, they're both issued by the United States. Department of Agriculture. So the My plate came out when President Obama emotion. Actually, Michelle Obama was the one who unveiled them. Um Oh, gosh, almost almost 10 years ago. Now, um there's the graphic of what the you know they demonstrate what they're supposed to sew. The dietary guidelines came out on Tuesday and they've been You know, we've been waiting for them forever. They come out every five years and they are based on science. There weren't a lot of changes, but what they did change had to do with Children and pregnant women. So some of the some of your listeners may be parents or future parents from maybe grand parents, and they're so one of the highlights about that has to do with Babies like Children under the age of two. They should avoid consuming any added sugars, which are found in many cereals and beverages. Um, one of the things that surprise people that based on Emerging research about alcohol consumption up until now, men, uh, could in good graces have two alcoholic beverages a day and women women one, and they really thought that they were going to cut back on the apathy. Um, they kept that they kept at the same, so that's actually quite country, Controversial. It appears based on what I have read that drinking alcohol in limited amounts in moderation. You know, one alcohol equivalent is safe, five ounces of wine or a beer or a A jigger of spirits. It's not a healthy for you as we once thought. But that's a whole nother topic. The same go for, you know, a nice piece of chocolate cake or some like that, that Occasionally it's OK or, you know, stay away from it well I would never say to anyone to stay away from chocolate cake or any other cakes. But what the dietary guidelines does address is added sugars. So there is, you know, it's basically Consume, and it's feeding consume sugars that are naturally present in things like milk or fruits. Some vegetables, but, you know, have small portions of added sugars. If you're gonna have any at all people want to get more info. Christine, What's the best way to follow up with you? I have a website and it is Christine Columbo dot com. Have a block on that website. And if you're looking for chips on Eating healthy well at home. My blood from May 31st addresses that topic, and I do have a piece coming out in the January issue of Chicago Parent magazine on eating to support community. Okay. We'll look forward to all of that. Happy New year to you Look forward to talking to you in the new year. My pleasure in Happy, Healthy New Year to you, too, Dean. Thank you so much. Dietitian Christine Columbo. Joining us this morning with some great helpful advice, and that's going to wrap it up for us. Today. We have a short show because the Giants and Cowboys are about to play. We'll get to their pre game in just a second. We'll see it tomorrow morning. Between eight and 8 30 as we always do on Bob Surat Show and then, of course, on the W GMTV Morning news this week on the TV Morning news, going to be talking with two time Oscar winner Hilary Swank and be talking with actor Michael Ealy. One of my favorites. The director of that movie who grew up in the Chicago area has got some great Chicago and Bozo WGN stories. Deon Taylor, You've got a lot of fun coming up on the morning news. Enjoy your day, everyone..

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