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The club's sale by the United Kingdom government The Premier League had first approved the purchase of Chelsea on Tuesday for 4.25 billion pounds but government approval was necessary for the sale to be finalized As Liverpool prepares for Saturday's Champions League Final versus Real Madrid the red's getting some big news to star Ford Mohamed Salah says he will be staying in the field next season and not looking for a move this summer The 29 year old will be in the final year of his contract next season and has not come to terms yet on a new deal At the French Open another major upset has 14 Maria sakari loses a trade set to Carolina mocho while 12 seed Emma raducan who is ousted in three sets by alien Sandra ces novich Big names do advance though as 15 seed Victoria Azarenka 21st seeded Angelique Kerber along with the Americans coco Goff and Amanda nice mova I'll move on Looking at the men shrub a few big scares 30 delays here zverev and 60 Carlos alcaraz both eating 5 sets of advance Meanwhile topsy Novak Djokovic 50 rapping Adele 19 Felix aux alias sima and since he'd Cameron nori all move on to the third round In the NBA the Eastern Conference Finals resume as Miami Heat are hosting the Boston Celtics with a series tied at two games apiece Boston is coming off a 20 point win over the heat in game four I'm the schwarzman that your Bloomberg world sports op day Markets headlines and breaking news 24 hours a day At Bloomberg dot com the Bloomberg business app And at Bloomberg quick take This is a Bloomberg business live It's the penultimate to trading day of the week for Asia and we are looking for a positive open then what's behind it essentially the rally that we had in the afternoon in the United States That came about as the federal reserves that set of latest minutes struck perhaps and arguably a less hawkish note than some market participants had actually been looking for here As a result we got futures on the up for Japan Australia and Hong Kong But certainly we did see a bit of a bit of volatility again in the wake of the release of the FOMC minutes and risk sentiment ultimately got a bit of a boost and this is really all down to fed officials and or at least most of them agreeing to really at the moment Perhaps Titan in 50 basis points steps over the next couple of meetings that means that it was a bit of comfort from those people out there who thought that maybe we'd be looking at perhaps a more aggressive path being mapped out to tackle elevated prices Still volatility continues to spike over the risk of a well a deep U.S. slowdown or even a recession also of course you got the impact from China's lockdowns and behind it all of course and simir simmering away is the war in Eastern Europe Chinese stocks started to get a boost after we saw a Premier League change surprisingly saying that the Chinese economy is in some respects faring worse than in 2020 Of course that's when the pandemic first emerged We're looking also of course that interest rate move to the upside out of soul South Korean race expected to rise 25 basis points to 1.75% and that's something 9 30 p.m. Wall Street time All right we do check markets every 15 minutes Let's get over now to Ed Baxter Having a look at some of those global news headlights All right thank you Richard Two years to the day since George Floyd's death president Joe Biden has signed an executive order aimed at law enforcement accountability The toll from yesterday's Texas.

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