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The LSU quarterback and Heisman winner of course was in the QB room at a higher state with day just two years ago before did borough transferred day they gave us all to be a call talk to him after the game and just congratulated him and how happy were for him was just just great to see the way he played in still we hailed self all year was was was awesome when you think about you know job world doing Haskins Justin fields while or what a problem the half and they've all been done really well ones in the NFL one's eyes a trophy whatever one's eyes and trophy finalist in his first you're really a playing college football so nothing but the utmost respect for Joan just happy the way that things played out as for this Buckeye team as of this week they're officially started work for twenty twenty winter conditioning under way meanwhile offensive and Alex Williams a local product on a picture to north barely leaving the Buckeye program Williams looking for another school he's entered the transfer portal JK Dobbins next one's going to be in the NFL but one last college John Dobbins yesterday was the oral Campbell Tyler rose award that is given annually to the best college football player from the state of Texas hockey night blue jackets hope to stay hot they are home to Carolina CBJ will been winning despite major injury issues are getting a little healthier as for Cammack it's in it's been activated from the injured list same store for events manager peak both of this more than a month tonight's game at seven o'clock on Fox Sports Ohio one note from around the league former jackets culture our deland who's been the coach of Las Vegas since day one fired yesterday one of you done for me lately I guess because the land in his first year with the biggest franchise two years ago led them to the Stanley Cup final a big ten basketball last I writers beat Indiana Minnesota over Penn state the Buckeyes will visit the navy alliance on Saturday from the central Ohio Honda dealer sports desk metalloid use radio six ten WTVN we've talked a little bit about a Matt but you know with that with the veterans kinda guests to get healthier and coming back to the jackets you think it's going to be good or bad it's going to be interesting I I I don't know whether it's good or bad I I it's a how do you deal with this you know Nathan Kirby he he's not coming out of the lineup he's been fantastic but came back it's in his back he we need you know we know what he has done in the past he was struggling before he got hurt but none the less I mean he's he's track record speaks for itself so gentle rousing as some tough decisions to make sure I mean I serves of who your skates and new plays and hard to like dip your toe in that water like a really put him in a little bit see how it goes and then go good pull right back out I mean there are veterans are your I. money guys are you got to play on yeah I would think so yeah enter piece you know defenseman that young or whatever but and so maybe you can rotate him in a in and out in terms of the defensemen but came back and said you have him you feel like you got a player but you know John Tortorella shown he's not afraid to venture veteran if they're not one of the in his rotation and be a healthy scratch a particular I so I I it's gonna be interesting to see who decides to play each night and who are going to be the healthy scratches that are sitting and watching plus you think about it really hard for me the guy that's been skating good for you a couple three weeks now send it back to Cleveland I mean you're like this dude is been productive why do we want to do that yeah Ryan McGinnis did get sent down yesterday which you know that one made sense it what it's going to get really hairy is when you know al Oliver Bjorke strand who was playing exceptionally well before he got hurt when he comes back Alexander Texier who was playing well when he got hurt comes back pick I know what you gonna do heads we only have so many spots so but I guess it's a good problem to have put it that way as long as it doesn't upset the mo Jo exactly you know I mean that that's the thing I think as a coach you probably sweat it that's the balance you got a fine ha yeah and as a Dave that's all mention the other day we're talking about this I mean that may be the biggest one is Elvis I mean corpus Saleh was plain phenomenal so much so that the day before he got hurt he was named to the all star team but then all this is coming in two straight shutout sees what six into seven into since he took over as the starter so when corporate is back in what three weeks or whatever if Elvis continues to play like this and they're still on the heater a what do you do there it's a great question again like you said it's good problem to have yeah everybody's playing good it's a good problem to have yeah anyway other on the ice tonight seven o'clock they're going to be honoring military people tonight nationwide so should be a great night Matt thanks rhet six forty seven got traffic and weather coming right up here in just a couple of quick minutes we know the president trump signed phase one of the trade agreement with China yesterday because of the momentous step toward fair trading future between the world's two largest economies one notable elements the absence of China's president she's in pain he said China was represented by vice premier who said of chasing the president trump for the signing of the deal once phase two agreement is reached and not before president trump said the US will drop the remaining tariffs he said I agreed to take those tears off after we do face to I'm leaving them on because otherwise you have no cards to negotiate with but they will come off as soon as we negotiate phase two so that's got to be great news for the stock market for business in general no doubt good stuff good stuff good stuff I transportation secretary ministration officers intercepted more firearms at airport checkpoints in twenty nineteen than ever before in all blue shirted TSA agents discover more than forty four hundred firearms in carry on bags are on passenger's bodies last year that is a five percent increase from the year before and when people get nabbed what do they say most often I forgot didn't remember it was in there so don't think that one driving in whether in the minutes let's get you into the newsroom first got Jennings with a live report Scott what's going on all the impeachment trial in the Senate will begin with ceremonies at noon today with the articles being read aloud on the Senate floor at two PM Chief Justice John Roberts will be sworn in to preside over the Senate trial than all one hundred senators will be sworn in as jurors the house voted Wednesday to.

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