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Yvonne it i really appreciate of the things that kv had to say about just the way we cover tiger and the people on the ground and how i i wasn't watching his 75 or his poor round on saturday but reading on twitter made it sound like you can shoot 85 and like people people just lost perspective on what was actually happening and it was it's kind of like man all right so but he didn't even like lose much ground the rest of the field struggled on this day and we were freaking out yet tiger struggling and i dunno so it's going to be it's going to be it's going to be ugly it's it's the part of the of covering and watching tiger that i don't enjoy and i'm not i'm not turn act like i am the master take guy on tiger but it's just it's mazes me how fast people lose their perspective on it and you can throw that bacne whenever i say tigers back when he birdied effort at all it's at torrey salads now i i think largely it's this time at this time last year light i think i think we were all actually not not as optimistic you know come as we are now but like back nine to right it's it's har it's easy to forget that lied when he played pretty well at the her own 2016 as well and like you know granted the swindon waters good you know he didn't he he still took he was kind of you know dealing with some kind of pain and all that but you know they're they're they're was there was optimism back there and to and then you know sure enough you know he he ends up coming up with that ridiculous schedule plan that he put together for himself where he would you know where he would play taurean you would fly over to the middle east and then you know he was going to play i believe something he was gonna play revenues and he was playing like four four tournaments in like a sixweek stretch just off a back surgery and like you know it's it's easy to kinda visit a ton of forget that now in in this in this you know as this new era of uncluttered enthusiasm.

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