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President Trump, John Kelly, Chief Of Staff discussed on WSJ What's News



White House chief of staff John Kelly is leaving his job at the end of the year. The move announced by President Trump last Friday as part of a looming staff remake as the White House prepares to deal with an incoming democratic majority in the house who might take mister Kelly's place and who else could be departing. Let's talk with Wall Street Journal White House reporter, Peter nNcholas who's in Washington, Peter first of all with John Kelly, leaving it could result next in the departure of Kirsten Nielsen as head of homeland security since she was a protege of mister Kelly's and has been a target of criticism from Mr. Trump, isn't that true? Yes. That's exactly right, John. Keller's departure is going to have a domino effect. And the first domino to fall is likely to be Kristen Nielsen president and also national security adviser John Bolton have been pretty unhappy with her they don't think that she's taken enough measures to shore up the border and president has been considered place in her for some time. John Kelly was her main benefactor and protector and. As you mentioned, she's his protege and John Kelly gone. It's on lucky that Christian Nelson is going to be able to survive for very long. I want to dive into who might be the new chief of staff, but first of all is there any word or any talk about who might replace MS Nelson. It's no we really don't have too much insight into possible successors. Although there is a quiet. Search that's been going on for some time. But it's a hard position of Phil and whoever president chooses would have to get a win Senate confirmation. But right now, the real immediate focus for the White House's replacing John Kelly president had thought he was going to tap. Nick Ayers, his vice President Mike Pence is chief of staff for this job, president thought that was all lined up but airs pulled out on expectedly. And now the search is wide open. And it seems like we're getting new names coming forward and dropping out by the hour. One thing I don't understand is the timetable that Nick Ayers wanted. I guess just to serve for few months starting with the new year wasn't that timetable. Brought up by Mr.. Trump originally. Yes. Yes. It was. So Donald Trump initially was supportive of that timetable and thinking that airs which is a transitional figure, but then decided he did not want to transition. She didn't want to have heirs in there for short time to new chief of staff, they would in effect be to transitions from John Kelly. He just wants to do it in one shot. So he ultimately rejected that timetable Nick Ayers has young children back home in Georgia and didn't wanna make the kind of twenty four seven commitment that the chief staff chop requires. So it just didn't quite work out. So who might replace Mr Kelly at this point of not airs, well, as I mentioned, we're hearing new names by the hour, so Perry the energy secretary was somebody who don't Trump likes? His name has been mentioned David Bossie who was a campaign official in President Trump's twenty sixteen campaign author of a couple of books about Donald Trump, and a friend of the White House has been mentioned as possibility the boss apartment would be an interesting one. He's got political chops having worked. On Capitol Hill. He knows congress. He had some experience with Bill Clinton's impeachment as a Republican staff member and congress in nineteen ninety s if Donald Trump or to face impeachment possibly bossy might have some expertise and knowledge in that area, and as president girds for reelection twenty reelection bossy has some skills and in campaign work. So he would be an interesting choice from that perspective, but he has a family to to think about and private life. That's important to him. So it's not clear that's going to happen either. It sounds like Mark meadows wants the job. He is house Representative from North Carolina and head of the freedom caucus. He certainly does. So Mark meadows has told reporters that he'd be honored and thrilled will into leave. Congress are for that position. I wonder though, if tactically that's the right move. I Donald Trump doesn't like people to be too eager to his employed..

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