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We're doing a dark Forest. It's we're still zooming you guys and today's guest is mr. Alex Smith. We met via the interweb on the Twitter when you were tagged for Jeopardy and that's I thought I thought it was a Jeopardy tag, but Alex meant just so people know, it's Alex Smith on Twitter and Alex Schmidt Instagram on Instagram. You've been rolling with that. So well, I really appreciate the notes. It will be in the notes my friends. And just so you know, and so I I have this to say let me just write something down. Hi and welcome to the show. That's what I wish to say God. Thank you. It's it's so so very good to be here. Yeah. I'm really nice to meet Jackie. All right, and you've got you have a lot of projects and you do stand-up and I don't even know where you live. Do you live in New York? I I've been basically between LA and then Durham North Carolina and I've been riding out the pandemic in Durham, North Carolina, which is an amazing City. Even you most like down. Yeah. Yeah and dice walks out that real nice walks. So she just I'm doing like three or four miles a day. I think at this point, I love it. That's that's great. But oh so you live in Los Angeles. I am here in Van Nuys. Hold your applause. You have to know that I live in a helicopter training area is what I seem to be experiencing. Yeah. Interesting are out there. That's what I hear. Ya ya ya page displays all the time, you know. Yes, swept 12 12 12, I live, wash and yeah and also not to like in rapidly income and a fan of the show. I've learned here from Wisconsin and I'm from Illinois, you know, good Great Lakes people. There's very exciting. I think it is exciting. Where are you from in Illinois? I'm from it's Glen Ellyn, Illinois. It's in DuPage. County which is the one next to Cook County there by Chicago. Okay. So is that officially Chicagoland? Oh, yeah. Yeah, it was always like Chicagoland Chevy dealer and everything and the ads. Yeah, that's totally a but that's totally thing see I'm Milwaukee land. I'm essentially I'm in between I grew up between Milwaukee and Chicago in between Milwaukee and Racine in between Milwaukee and Cudahy whatever like you can't cut 800 Creek and then sort of Racine and stuff like that, but it's just on the lake. It's very pretty full of this is great. Yeah, it's very very pretty. So we we've digressed we could dork out because I loved your tiny list of I was like, I'm going to need what would you like to dork out about and I knew Jeopardy would would cuz you were a four-time champion, right? I was yeah, if if people don't know me, it might be like I've done various podcast, especially one about Kurt Vonnegut and a recent one about making a bias in emoji. And then also yeah October of 2018, I was on Jeopardy and I got to win for whole times and meet Alex Trebek..

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