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He's always professionally always knows when his microphone is on. He's Christian. You did it again. I've look in, I say soon as you walk in, they're going to let you know the microphone is on. I mean, everybody language, everybody lets me know and I still have messed it up. You guys got me no talking to the guys and I started the, you know, man. So that was alive looking? Yes, it is. That's very live looking. Yeah, it can't be edited. I'm afraid of some of the people I might have to hear from you see now. Yeah, this is great Nari. So Chris pro football talk, live co host Bleacher report, NFL analyst, former NFL quarterback. We were just talking about best. Randy moss says, hands down. He's the best receiver in the history of the ooh, that's I could say this. I think when he was in his prime, he's in that conversation. I think I think I would take his prime over Jerry Rice. I will say that, okay. But I still think I'm Jerry Rice the all time because Jerry a lot like Tom, Tom Brady, it's the. The overall consistency greatness that jumps out to me. Yeah. Okay. Year three, Jerry Rice might have been the most explosive, but you're thirteen. He was still capable of doing special things. So Randy and his promises probably the most gifted receiver we ever saw, but I can't give him the title over Jerry just because of the long jetty and consistency. But explain this to me Brady's the best quarterback of all time. Correct. I, you know, I look at a different Liz. He certainly going to have you know the most decorated. Yes, most decorated not even close. He's certainly in that conversation. You know who I think the greatest quarterback of all time is either dad and definitely not, but I think Aaron Rodgers. Okay. How can you be the best quarterback right when you've you don't have the best resume? Yes. I know you've got one Super Bowl, right? I get that, but the last time makes him better than breeding. Well, I mean, is it talent is what definitely talent Aaron Rodgers the most talented quarterback to ever play the sport for my money. And I, I. I say that really confidently not only because I've been around so many of these Corey Cunningham was show athletic. I know it, but see, this is where I go because guys like my dad and Dan Marino and boomer size who I've been around, they go and I've never seen anybody like Aaron Rodgers because yes, he's not the fastest, but he's still very fast. Let me he was second in leading his team in rushing two years ago. If you didn't pull his calf muscle, he would've led the team in rushing late in the year. You know the offense. Like, I've always told you it's so basic, it's all about Aaron Rodgers. But when I really break it down, I would just say this. He is the greatest arm in the history of the sport. He's got him and Dan Marino probably the quickest release in the history of the sport. He's incredibly athletic, right? I mean, it's not Steve Young, but it's close to that and especially his ability to sit in the pocket and jump around. And then we're talking about a guy who plays a game, like, you know, backyard football, but never those interceptions. He's a gunslinger that's like the greatest protector of the ball we've ever seen. So that's where I look at it. It's not a knock on Tom, Br. Eighty or anybody else. I just look at him. That's why I would really go probably Rogers. Elway would be my one two and I would probably go Brady three manning four. And then five would be farve in Marino debate right there. And I'd probably give it to Marino I think always the best quarterback. I think he, you know, here's a baseball player. You know, he was athletic to run. His arm was as strong as anybody who's played right. He took three teams, the Super Bowl that really had no business going to the Super Bowl. Exactly, right. He got blame and then he didn't get credit, you know..

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