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On the skate hello to tell the well file credits the end the same is but Gorski you are like hanging tough to cover Starbucks sometime to be alert mark price in Moby do which the playwright David eyes very kindly created just for the show I'm Kurt Andersen and I'm sitting here now with Elizabeth Schultz who is a deeply educated Melville scholar and that's a fabulous three minute summer he really catches just about all of the phone he does indeed and it also with obviously a sense of humor but of fairly deep reading of the book as well absolutely and let me tell you that many of the opening passages are his darkly funny so it's a humorous altogether for free well you know that's funny the other thing people don't know about Melville is that he was at the time well known as a humor writer yeah he was and he knew every brand of humor that was going and he was ironical he was satirical he was just loaded down with tons he could do all the voices just like the reader of the play did let's hope let's hope Melville would appreciate this this bit have all my life I think he would wait you taught English and art history at the university of Kansas odd to those sorts of tubular guys and girls for many years how do you find they react to this novel I would say the movie deck illicit serve fabulously wide diverse unpredictable range of responses there are those who find that the novel is dumbing and numbing and there are those who don't hesitate to compare Moby Dick to the vital it's the book that they have close by to open at any moment in any place and that it continues to inspire their lives the like hamlet that's one of the few works of art that is truly inexhaustible everything that's conceivable exists in one form or another and.

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