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Uses directed. okay XXY FM ninety six one. Oklahoma City. elderly Midwest city man arrested on molestation charges I'm Beth Myers the in the news radio one thousand Katie okay new center a seventy nine year old Midwest city man tells police he wanted to get it off his chest police say Jerry Newman has admitted to repeatedly molesting at least six children and that the abuse started several years ago the victims range in age from four to seventeen police say their investigation began when a young child said that Newman made her watch videos and touched her inappropriately Newman was booked into jail last night on twenty five counts of lewd acts with children a new chief of the Oklahoma highway patrol department of public safety commissioner John Sculley today promoted major brand seige to the position to replace former chief Michael Harel who resigned son became a highway patrol trooper in nineteen ninety nine before that he was an officer with the Norman police department Oklahoma City police now say the man who was shot and killed by police yesterday shot and killed his wife before leading officers on a pursuit that eventually ended with his death the man's been identified as Quentin broadest police say that he fatally shot thirty three year old Kalina brought us during an altercation at a residence in the twelve thousand block of stone crest lane and then fled the scene and it was a witness who gave police a description of his vehicle his wife was an employee for the Oklahoma department of corrections corporal Kalina Broadis worked at Oklahoma City community corrections center she was hired in July of last year when she left the army interim corrections director Scott Crowe says she was a dedicated loyal team member to her co workers he says one someone was needed to work a shift she would volunteer no matter the timer day and he said she had a bright future in corrections paid family leave was the topic of an interim study today at the state capitol hosted by state representative Kelly Albright of mid. west city what are some options that have been done in other places what are some pros and cons and just looking at ways we can make this available for Oklahomans the federal family and medical leave act only provides unpaid leave and only covers about fifty seven percent of American employees the number of uninsured Americans is rising for the first time in nearly a decade the U. S. census bureau reporting today that the rate increased to eight point five percent in two thousand eighteen that's up half a percentage point from the previous year it was led by a decline in the number of people covered by Medicaid and another of vaping related death now a Kansas resident has died from a vaping related respiratory illness bringing the total number of deaths to six health officials say that the victim was over fifty years old and had a history of health problems the other five vaping related deaths have been reported in Illinois Indiana Oregon Minnesota and California state labor commissioner Leslie Osborne says inspectors from her agency have been busy at the state fair grounds the state fair opens Thursday Osbourne says inspectors examine every ride before the ride can be put in operation to make sure that it meets safety standards she says inspectors remain on site throughout the duration.

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