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Painter was tough, but as the time went on, he eased up on the three and a half hour three hour deals. I just remember going and literally, rob, I'm like, can we be done? Like, at some point, and I can only imagine what you were thinking. It's a player because I went to, you know, a couple of year maybe, and I'm like, really? Like, we're gonna keep and then I go, 'cause a lot of times I go for Purdue to butler. And literally I go, CEOs, three and a half hours or three plus hours, and then you go to butler and I'm not kidding, you know how long Brad Stevens is practices who are at butler? How long? An hour and 15. That's insane. You know, though, I will say, coach paint was trying to build a program. And a culture. And you know, I think when you look at that when these coaches are first starting out, like all the guys that we just graded, you were trying to hold on to your job for as long as you possibly can. So I understand why it's like, dude, if we're not practicing for the full allotment, we're not getting any better. And we had a young team and I think there's a lot of guys that look at that. Now, the game is also the transfer portal makes it a different animal. There'd be guys be like, I'm not practicing for three hours. Hey, before we go, and I want we'll do our quick final four and national championship predictions before we go and then we'll do it again next week with national championship prediction. Can you tell the story of when you thought paint might be going to Missouri? Do you remember that vividly? Yeah. I had a final, I had an econ final. This class was so freaking hard. It was one of those business classes. And I hate econ. So I actually asked if I was such a disaster that I asked the professor if I could have the final a couple of days later, because I was scrub on. Really? Sort of guy did. I was like, I can not take this test. I'm a mess. I met my name. I don't know if that's, but he was really understanding like, I got you, that's fine. So I called coach painter at least every other day. Maybe more. And I was just, I was like, I've already had to stick around in each one Morris gone. Juan Johnson is gone. You know, Keaton grant's gone. Chris Kramer's gone. I have no idea if these phone calls affected his decision..

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