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1128 Traffic and weather on the 8s let's go to Rita Kessler in the WTO traffic center Now we're seeing a curious delay on the beltway right now It was the outer loop of the beltway in the area of New Hampshire avenue but looks like that has cleared where we are seeing a delay as northbound on the Baltimore Washington Parkway coming from two O two moving all the way toward the beltway not sure if this is a mobile work crew moving along that stretch if they are it should be a single lane getting by It is eastbound 50 slowing Columbia park road in Chevrolet There was debris reported along the right side of the roadway mud and bricks in the roadway East Randolph wrote north of tamarack road a report of a wreck westbound on the inner county connector Marilyn 200 after I 95 the two left lanes were blocked with the work In the district southbound D.C. two 95 is still slow before benning road headed past the east capital street It is New York avenue at first street northwest you lose the right side each way with the work northbound Minnesota avenue before clay placed the right lane is blocked with a broken down bus and keep an eye out on Reno wrote it was between Nebraska avenue and albemarle street where we had some downed wires across the roadway In Virginia eastbound 66 the laser easing out of Centreville toward the fairfax county Parkway they may have moved that broken down truck from the left side of the roadway Eastbound Braddock road near Southampton drive the crash was along the right side and stringfellow wrote at 66 You were under police direction for the wreck Its window nation spring break sale get two free Windows for every two you buy For as many as you need and make no payments for two years call 8 6 6 90 nation today I'm Rita Kessler WTO P traffic Chuck bell with the forecast What you see is what you get here for the next several hours cloudy skies and pockets of rain moving across the area It should break up for a brief period late.

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