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Yeah i mean from your perspective i mean it always depends on on what you'll go so for example for you one of one of the things with you is that if i look at your jamie she uc p jane this is a gene that all to do with politician see so you actually have what people classically with time fast metabolism batch lee what you have any fisher metabolism batches but when you can seem to necessarily the energy effectively so let's say for example you trying to build muscle and and given that we know that you'll miss bali inefficient bureau trying to build muscle that means the so many of your calories as possible around exercise i'm actually becomes quite important to make sure you've gotten offended you to exercise and then in the vanity to recover so that given your club jane which is your jane cake and rhythm actually shows that you should be to sizing later in the day and also given that your mackin polically inefficient i would say possibly intermittent fasting view as long as you exercise lights in the tight could actually be quite any ffective tool if you're trying to build muscle and these body five but the other thing that you need to have whereas find that if you look at your your p podgy i'm so keep oxygen so how were you switch from penn carbohydrates running fives and actually look in your james here it was just that you actually i've switches actively combining carbohydrates binding five so for you i would say the you'll die in terms of your in terms of your cub hydrates needs to reflect slightly lower carbohydrates and them how some people what can see we do happen to gene variation you need to be slightly lower shops five say more pound high muslim trump's writes in polyunsaturated the pension that you.

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