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Dada who was doing good on the workout report. And obviously the first from Todd Pletcher. And so and then you had that ridiculous fifteen to one morning horse. Get job at nine to five in the first pick five if we could help you use that you know that matrix in the middle three legs. And know, maybe you were able to hit that thing which was huge value at twenty two hundred and change. Well, you hit the five. I did. Yeah. It was didn't really vet terribly much either used our matrix. And and use to couple as in the first leg and three as in the last leg and hit the that all in one se- ticket. And this is this is what the exercise is and stuff, I suppose at some point. We will do the bigger the fours and the fives. I it's a little bit. You know, I'm typing these up, and it's a little cumbersome, especially if there's changes, but we will we will absolutely get to a couple of larger sequences as well. You know that? That last leg so Dotto who Mike Welsh pushed on on listeners at the end of the show on Friday, you might just the replay couple of hours ago here so Dotto just under six to one was a nice number. Yes. Absolutely. And you know, what actually thinking about this last night what's ruining three year old races? Right now at Gulfstream is that everybody is fearful that the next hidden swirl is going to debut for Bill Motte and both of the two year old races. Start three year old races late in the card on Saturday. Had Bill Motte. I that looked like they had been training well at pace, and and of course, we're completely blind. As far as pace workouts, go in those horses. Both look serious money. I don't really know if it was quote unquote, sharp money, but it was enough money to to adjust the pool and you saw a horse like Dada drift up not only because you had a mod in. They're getting money, but you had a chat Brown. Well, bred Chad Brown, I or home bred for John. And that just sucked up a ton of money, and here came Datta with a really really impressive performance. Those two Phillies feel like they're very very solid feedback for that matter. I thought had a very nice comeback. And I think be a good horse down the line. We'll eventually see how far she wants to go. But she's got a lot of speed. And if the. Issues that she faced after her debut or fixed. I think he'll you'll see her and races. Like, the Devonian Dale indoor Ashland or something as a potential oaks prep, even though she made top out later in the year at about seven eighths. She's still still pretty good one at this point. Well, in fact, all of the maiden races on Saturday Gulfstream were one at nice numbers. The Rudy percent Philly. Very true, Violencia and chattering. Second there with Palo Amita who was even money that six furlong race in the middle that featured late the late sibling haunt who ran. Okay. The horse that that I played with Jimmy toner, and I thought that fortunes fool, and I thought there was a moment where where he was going to he was gonna go right on by. But the horse of they lizard is just kept going that the who's in charge the twenty four to one that was a fifty dollar horse and and toner was sixteen to one. And then there was so Dotto and Chad second there with honest mischief the first defense sibling who won't be a maiden for very long. So some notable maiden action as part of Saturday's fun action neck. I know you've got. Stuff to do. Let you go. Just wanted to do the game builder recap game builder. Brought to you by the national HP. A and I will see you Thursday in Las Vegas sound great travel safe..

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