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Ten they recognize the mismatches tear her makes the first free throw in got out in the process to get to the free throw line that smart basketball by city John Kerr her to transfer from Houston Baptist as I mentioned the start the last three ball games while I was a freshman at Houston Baptist every sixty points and seven rebounds second free for all the ways use the first so he goes to for two at Xavier trails thirteen to six thirteen oh nine to play the first day of fall Scruggs trapped in the corner the ball was ripped out of his hands and out of my house it goals will stay with the musketeers only seven of the shot clock Paul's grows and do a good job handling the pressure the double team he waits for it to swallow them up you got to be aggressive against the joint attack you don't wait for the double team the tax you Marshall when bands of basketball to change over to Paul Scruggs the defense rich restructurings at a cost of time line right side of the floor turned his back to is the founder hands to Kiki Tandy between the circles one trouble of some of the four to Marshall Marshall change directions on his drive back to the pocket is a knock loose taken away by Saint John's he turned his back then it was a really double team this with the ball was not Hussein Johns in transition right side of the four double the basketball Reggie had shot him he is a pretty quick trigger likes to get some shots of complicate freeze all the way from terrorists no good rebound take a left at the bucket by the musketeers James saver trailing thirteen to six twelve twenty five to play the first day of pain to catch the ships of the right way the three instant offense Este the catch is that is being set and stores it back the other way some of the bucket a quick lay up for St John's yeah that was done by early to do just checked in here which is eight points a ball game fifty to nine Xavier trails the two shows would you spoke before you hit the three the wheel tax who really savor almost at a steal the gamble of employees reasoner once it was wide open back out Marshall he fires a three point shot back to back three for the musketeers senator trails by just three now fifteen to twelve or three by TV on the right side of free by Marshall on the left side eleven forty seven the plan the first air did not good looks there just aren't enough down those good looks time now he's been call reject the brake lever forty six to go Saint John's fifteen saver twelve.

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