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I strongly disagree with her her. I think they're holding Han Kidding Gideon King. So can I say something. Mars Morrison quick really quick about this. Because I'm white I don't. I don't see this scene the way that I saw last seen like the way that I saw the last year describing that like sense of unease and sense of like Ho- dread watching this predominantly male almost ninety million percent male audience Audience Watch midge and objectify her and treat her in whatever way they wanted to like and then shy comes up on stage and it's a predominantly white crowd. And they're all these army guys. Army army guys. Are you know like a branch of the militarized way like that. And so him performing for them and they're all singing along they love them and I'm watching it going. That is heartwarming to watch. Even though it's very like it doesn't break with my reality doesn't track with my reality or knowledge of it but I. I wonder if you would feel that way. If you're watching it as a person of color or a black person I don't know I don't know I think you might watch it going going to happen. You know what I mean like. It's creepy is as creepy so like the razor. I think is creepy served right. I find the war on on Christmas local star tours for the Red Cup draft. And thank you for your service. Thank you thank you for thinking. Yeah with with with the loudest extravagance and kind of musical like even the tap dance number that went on the king can whatever that chorus line still going on. It's still yeah. There's should I do WANNA get into her head of like. What is it that you want to do here because you understand story decisions on other shows or like? Oh that was a little indulgent. They they held on that shot a little long. But especially I've watched I. I'm not going to week to week this time around. I've watched the first five episodes. Wow how and I will say I think the first two episodes of the season thus far are the week still makes me so happy. Yeah it really picks up seem when they actually get on tour and on the road and in Vegas and other places like that's where it really starts drive only seen this episode and they set up so much but it's all all set up and there's so much conflict yeah like fighting. Yeah there's a lot I mean etc but it's all set up it's not like you've seen the first five episodes of justice assertion. I'm Hey I'm only going to watch the first two. I'm going to do the rest of the show but I'm wondering as you refuse tight like that. I'm doing. We talked about the idea of doing two episodes per episode of the podcast Boston University. You're welcome no. Yeah I said you know thank you you send back a little bit said thank you like.

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